Once you have well established the 'go potty' command in your dog's usual bathroom spot, start taking your Chihuahua to the litter box and providing the command. Help please? When your puppy can remain in his crate for up to one and a half hours, then set up your litter box in an area where your puppy will be able to easily access it and remember its location in the future. Here is a site that talks just about litter box training for dogs. Usually, Mary takes Lula for walks several times a day so Lula can relieve herself. Special products to reduce odors are available. Hello Chris, © 2020 Wag Labs, Inc. All rights reserved. Litter training a dog may sound a bit odd, ... My almost 1-year-old chihuahua tends to urinate half in the box and half on the floor. Bring him to the potty tray a few minutes before he normally goes, and encourage him. Try to avoid starting out with pee pads that claim to help with potty training puppies and difficult dogs. My Chihuahua is 1 year old, I've had him for about 6 months, and we moved from Mexico to Paris about 2 weeks ago. Litter box training is becoming especially popular because many Chihuahuas put up a fight or refuse to go outside when the weather temperatures are low or too wet. Check out the Surprise method from the article linked below, following the tips with pup in the exercise pen instead of the crate. Not all housebreaking problems are behavioral, some are physical and before you get your Chihuahua started on a behavior that you might regret later you may want to check and see if there is a physical reason why they are relieving themselves in the house. Great for Senior Cats with Special Needs and Rabbits.USA. The first step is simply to teach her to ring a bell when you point to it or tell her to. Chihuahuas enjoy feeling safe and secure inside their special crates. Dogs are often easily trained to let themselves into a fenced yard when needed. If your dog goes on the floor, and you try to correct him hours after the fact, he will be confused and upset, not knowing what he did wrong. Add a scent that will encourage elimination, to the litter box. The simplest and most familiar indoor-potty solution is the conventional litter box. Dogs have very short memories. Bring your puppy over to the litter box and praise him whenever he sniffs it, touches it, or walks into it. Also, for some Chihuahuas that live where inclement weather is common, such as in northern regions and find going outside in winter too cold, a litter box might be an excellent solution. Give Tia lots of mentally stimulating toys like interactive feeders and puzzle toys, along with taking her on a few long walks per day. They may stand by the door and not say a word for the longest time, making it hard to get a signal. For a small, one level house, where doors are normally left open, it is very realistic to expect her to go to the box with some vigilance and training for a while. If your puppy does well with that, then you can include both the kitchen and the dinning room in your puppy's enclosed area. What's better than having your dog food, litter… If your dog is used to using puppy pads, you can line the box with a puppy pad at first. The first of our Chihuahua training tips is to make proper toilet training a priority. Dog Grass Large Potty Patch (35"X22.6"), Artificial Dog Grass Bathroom Turf for Pet Training, Washable Puppy Pee Pad, Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Portable Potty Pet Loo 4.2 out of 5 stars 161 $20.99 - $68.99 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,283. He’s been doing this for about 10 years. Once you have trained your chihuahua how to use it, you will not have to worry about it making a mess in your home when you are not there. Praise your puppy for sniffing, touching, or stepping into the box. Salvador: Crate training seals the deal! Praise her when she goes and does not forget to use keywords to trigger her to go potty faster. If you're training a puppy, she'll most likely eliminate 5 to 30 minutes after eating or drinking. If your puppy starts to cry, wait until he is quiet for at least three seconds before opening the door. Because . When they leave our home, they are already using both a pee pad and a litter box. In order to potty train a Chihuahua effectively, soak up a small bit of dog urine on a paper towel or newspaper and place it in the bathroom area by the litter box. ! I have no idea how to transition away from it when he can stay in his crate longer. You can either use a size-appropriate exercise pen or you can block off a small room or area in your home using baby gates. He has food and water, a few toys, a towel for him to lay on and a scented pee-pad to use while we are gone. When your puppy is comfortable going into the crate, then stuff a hollow chew toy, such as a Kong, with kibble and place the toy inside of the crate for your puppy to chew. is it too late to train him to use a litter box or would this confuse him? Crate training really helped me gain structure and get into a routine. Leave your puppy in his crate for one and a half hours. If you puppy has any accidents, then the freedom was too soon. When you punish your dog during potty training, he will become confused and scared. It''t have the luxury of a fenced yard in which a small dog can run and poop freely. Never exceed your puppy's maximum number of hours during the day, even while crating him, or he will be forced to eliminate in his crate. Dogs, for the most part, are predictable. Place a non absorbent bed inside your puppy's area. Repeat this process until your puppy will eliminate in the litter box. Potty Training Dogs With Dog Litter Box Potty Training Puppies. Place your puppy's crate, food, water, and litter box in a way so that there is as little floor space as possible. Do this until you have worked up to as much freedom as you wish for your puppy to have in your home. A litter box would work, and the best way to teach house break him would be to use a crate. They can even become frightened if you celebrate too loudly when they finally poop outside. This will work great since Mary’s daughter comes by every few days to exercise Lula, and has offered to clean the litter box for her. Litter> dog training you need to buy the material first. I’m thinking we need to do the exercise pen with real grass and an open crate inside it when we’re gone for longer stretches. How do I do it? we have a pad set up in every room of the house so he has a place to go if needed, but he will instead go on the tile. To teach her to ring the bell when she needs to use the litter box, opposed to when she needs to go outside - like the article mentions, begin to intentionally take her over to the litter box before she goes on her own throughout the day. Do not use cat litter. They have less control over their bowels and will go when they have to go. Of course, it’s nearly impossible to be with your dog 24 hours a day, but try to spend more time at home during the weeks you are potty training – it will pay off in the long run. Dogs have keen senses – they respond to sight, smell, and sound. To understand how to best train your chihuahua is incredibly important to understand this breed‘s personality traits and behavior characteristics.. It won't happen overnight and will take many repetitions of the steps to get it right. To begin, introduce your puppy to the crate by leaving the door open to the crate and placing lots of treats inside of and in front of the crate for your puppy to find. Starting training with a young dog without a previous bathroom habit does not require this transfer. You can purchase special litter boxes that are appropriate for dogs, and even special dog litter that has different properties than cat litter and is more appropriate for your dog's needs. This may take quite a while at first, ignore your dog while you wait. If he has an accident, then reduce the amount of free time by thirty minutes and practice that for at least two weeks before trying again if he is accident-free. Our puppy is 5 weeks old, so we have 3 more weeks of prep before we bring him home. Whenever your dog goes on his potty training tray, shower him with lots of praise. When your puppy is consistently going to the bathroom on his own, then eliminate one of the litter boxes and space the other three slightly closer to where the removed box was. I've used this method many many times and it always works. The five basic types of litter boxes include the following: 1. for the very most part, she does use her potty, and I have only had her a few days. Buying a Chihuahua litter box is the first step you should take to litterbox train your dog. You may have to take him to the box at night at first anyway, but you should be able to switch to the Exercise Pen as soon as he associates the box with peeing, and then you can remove the exercise pen completely and just leave the litter box if he has proven during the day that he will go over to it on his own to pee. The litter box method uses paper pellets. to say "good poop" sounds strange, but it'll work. The What Not to Do Method gives great tips. Put your dog on a feeding schedule so that you have a better idea when he needs to eliminate. All of our Chihuahuas-past and present- have been litter box trained and amazingly it was simple potty training them to go a litter box. Learn Your Dog’s Schedule $31.99 $ 31. Saved by Pam Kelly. Hi there, So I took the suggestions of some folks here. When your puppy begins to go on his own, then change the frequency of your trips taking him, from every two hours to every two and a half hours. The exercise and physical and mental stimulation should help Tia to be less "naughty". If you work from home, work part time, or work full time but have a lot of time to give to him for things like training sessions, or play when you are home, then he will be much less likely to be lonely. Potty Training a Chihuahua Indoors. Best of luck training, Try to establish a predictable schedule so you can be available to direct the behavior. This can make a Chihuahua owner's life a problem and that is why many Chihuahua owners turn to Chihuahua litter box training. For interest purposes…. If your puppy does not go when you take him to the litter box, then take him back to the crate, and place him inside for thirty more minutes. While your puppy is free, watch him carefully for signs that he is about to eliminate. If he does alright, then he would probably be fine without the other animals. If he still will not go, then repeat this process every thirty minutes until he goes. However, any of these methods are acceptable. Chihuahua anal sacs disorders, guide and advices. Your not suppose to say "good boy", its better. I've tried everything else, and it all has seemed to work for maybe a month or two, and then back to the carpet she goes. How to take care of the nails in Chihuahuas, guide and advices. Obviously, you’ll want this spot to be a low-traffic area. Outdoor vs Potty Pads or Litter Trays. PuppyGoHere Dog Litter Pan Litter Box Training. You should be able to learn when your dog has to go based on timing as much as on his signals. Also ensure that your box is not placed on anything absorbent, such as carpeting or a floor mat. Make sure you keep the location of the indoor potty consistent once pup is trained, since pup will not only be learning to go on a certain surface but also in a location, and keeping the location consistent will cause less confusion for pup. Sometimes a pee pad makes a sound that scares some puppies, so you might want to use a litter box if that happens. After thirty minutes has passed, then bring him to the litter box to try again. This is at no additional cost to you. If this is the case, then you will want to leave two litter boxes, with one litter box on each level or in each section of your home. Your puppy will not want to go in its crate where she sleeps and plays, will not want to go where she eats and drinks, and so will hopefully come to the conclusion that she should use her litter box. Best of luck training, It could be that she is bored and that is why she acts up now and then (and many dogs do, that's part of the fun!) If your puppy has been accident-free for at least three weeks, then gradually increase the amount of time between potty breaks, as well as supervised free time, to three hours. I prefer newspaper or pads as it is easy for me to clean up versus litter boxes. I would still pursue picking up the poop quickly and encouraging her to alert you after she goes - to minimize the amount of time she has the option of eating it - since the pumpkin or product will make it less desirable to eat, but often doesn't stop a dog completely if you leave them long enough and often enough with the poop - and the product won't stop the poop hiding. There are four basic ways people potty train Chihuahuas – paper, litter box, crate, and outside. Repeat until well established. If your home is very large, then your puppy might need more than one box. Repeat the process of increasing crate time, then increasing time between treat rewards, until your puppy can remain calmly in his crate alone for up to one and a half hours. Studying your dog’s habits can also help you identify his bathroom “triggers” – like having to go after a certain amount of playtime. Add scent to each litter box to encourage your puppy to eliminate there. The hard copy training method might be the best technique if your puppy dog has to relieve itself indoors. Disposable real grass pad - Each one is advertised to last up to two weeks: When you predict your dog needs to go to the bathroom, take him to his usual bathroom spot and say "go potty," Wait for him to eliminate and repeat the command and say "good dog". When you are potty training your dog, full-time monitoring is an absolute necessity. The main drawback to litter box training for you will probably be not always having it with you when you travel places with him. If you train a dog litter, you must use the litter box in the bathroom instead. If your Chihuahua uses his litter box, praise him and take him for play time. later on when your training your puppy to fetch or do tricks . Do you know if he can be left at home without any of the other animals in the house or at least where he can get to them? All of these steps can be applied to paper or litter tray training. For older dogs look for the signs that indicate they need to go, such as sniffing, circling or whining, and lead them to the dog potty box. When your chihuahua is about to eliminate pick him up and move him to the litter box. Tell him "Go potty" while he is standing in it, and then stand still. Positive Reinforcement I have a large front porch (large to my little puppy, anyway) and 5 or 6 steps that he cannot yet manage. This is an excellent article that describes in great detail what I agree would be a good option. Just got her on Saturday the previous owner said she was litter boxed trained. When your dog has an accident, it’s just that – an accident. When the standard approaches do not work - its time to hire someone very experienced to help because a real person, in real time can adjust the training and come up with solutions outside of the standard approaches - that's the value of working with a private trainer. This technic should take about 1-3 weeks. When your puppy has finished eating the food out of the Kong, then drop a treat into the crate every five minutes while your puppy is being quiet. Amazon.com also carried a couple of brands. Do not also take your dog outside to go potty, as this will only confuse him. I went out and got a little box/tray for her and some dog litter. How can I get her to poo in her litterbox? I also don't recommend putting the litter box in the crate. If using the spray, spray the litter three times a day for several days, until your puppy begins to eliminate there consistently. To do this, you can either purchase a spray designed specifically for encouraging elimination and spray the spray onto the litter. Step 3: Crate Training Your Chihuahua . He doesn’t know what he’s done wrong, and can’t understand why the person he loves most is mad at him. If using your puppy's poop, then when your puppy eliminates, leave one of the poops in the litter box at all times to encourage future elimination. So, I'm hoping this will work. This is part 4 of a series of videos demonstrating the process of potty training puppies to a litter box, especially helpful for breeders of small dogs. Dogs’ incentives are very simple – they want to eat when they are hungry, play when they are excited, and sleep when they are tired. with her potty, bed, food and water bowls, and toys inside. Always clean up pee. In that case, teach Sophie to let you know by ringing a bell when she needs to go out: https://wagwalking.com/training/ring-a-bell-to-go-out. Next, how much attention will he receive in his new home with you? Just about any word will work. What Exactly Is The Wizdog Indoor Dog Toilet? Wait for him to do his business. Hi Nadiah, Of course, it is ok. 277. When your dog finally pees or poops in his litter box, reward him, say "good dog", and take him somewhere else to play with a favorite toy. There are days where we will come home and he will not have used it at all. If your home is very large and you find that your puppy has accidents when he is located far from the litter box, even though he seems to understand the concept well and has worked up to lots of freedom in your home, then you may need to add a second litter box in the far part of your home, to help your puppy find an appropriate place to eliminate when he is in that part of your house. If you are using the spray and he seems distracted whenever he is in the litter box, then you can reapply the spray while he is still outside of the box. We provide Chihuahua litter box which are ideal while giving litter training Chihuahua. Transfer to litter box Once you have well established the 'go potty' command in your dog's usual bathroom spot, start taking your Chihuahua to the litter box and providing the command. Potty training is also about location, so pup probably needs a refresher in your home. “The only difference is you take the dog to the litter box each time instead of your designated potty area outside.” For puppies, you should encourage them to go shortly after eating and drinking. Problem solved! A crate is a confined space and dogs naturally have a desire to keep cofnined spaces clean, regardless of how pup was taught before. Jul 14, 2019 - I am a member of Amazon Affiliates, so I can tell you all about our favorite dog products. If he learns that peeing in that one location is alright but does not learn to pee in multiple locations throughout the house, then he is less likely to have any accidents. https://www.preventivevet.com/dogs/how-to-set-up-puppy-long-term-confinement-area It's much easier for you to read the plan in the article than for me to explain it here. This will partially also just take time. A crate is particularly suited to Chihuahuas because of their temperament and small size. Using the crate for the litter box. Good options for non absorbent beds include foam beds that are covered with vinyl or nylon, or cot-type beds. Hello, I would work on training Tia to not pee on the floor, and deal with the naughty later. For example, if the cats are locked in an upstairs bedroom, and all of the dogs besides him are taken on a walk with the family, and he is the only one left on that level of the house, does he do alright or does he get really anxious? Just move the poop into the litter box, and that makes a big difference. Do this until he is able to be free for the entire two hours. or to add one new room at a time, until you have eventually added all of the rooms that you wish for your puppy to go in. However, this is not true, as they are actually very smart and trainable. If your puppy has any accidents, then decrease the amount of time by at least thirty minutes, until your puppy is having no more accidents. Potty training is the process of teaching your new puppy or dog the right place to pee and poop, and encouraging them to use it until they return there reliably of their own accord, and don’t toilet anywhere else until they have access to it. Quickly walk your puppy over to the litter box and encourage him to step into it, or gently place him in it. If your puppy goes, then praise him when he finishes, and offer him three treats, one at a time. Hello, everybody! The Exercise Pen Method may work well for Tia. I got my little chihuahua when she was approx 8 … No big deal! Once he is trained to pee in the litter box well enough to consistently go to it at night, then you might want to only use the litter box at night, take him outside to go potty during the day, and hide the litter box during the day, to keep his outdoor potty training stronger than his litter box training. Best of luck training, Potty training is one of the first things a pig parent will work on with their piglet. It sounds like you need to hire a professional trainer to help you - which you may have already done. it a treat. Every two hours, encourage your puppy over to a litter box. When you're litter training a dog, be sure to place the litter box in the bathroom. After all, many Chihuahuas grow to be no larger than your average sized cat, and most litter boxes were designed for that exact size. When your puppy will consistently go potty in the litter box quickly when you tell him to 'go potty', then gradually increase the amount of time between potty breaks to two hours. If the only spot you can put the tray is a carpet, you might consider getting a small tarp to put underneath the it to guard against spillage. All of this can be done, but it will probably take months of you being vigilant about leading her to the potty many times and rewarding with treats at the right times, opposed to days of training. Or, does simply hangs out with them and isn't firmly attached to any particular one. Chihuahuas are especially sensitive to any anger or annoyance you might have about potty training. When your puppy no longer needs the scent and has been using the litter box with no accidents for at least one month, then you can experiment with gradually increasing your puppy's enclosure size. When your puppy has reached this point, then gradually increase the amount of crate time again. Hello Momo, He's accustomed to the street but I want to train him to use a litter box because I'll not have time to walk him 3 times per day. If your puppy is very food motivated, then you can simply use pieces of his own dog food in place of treats. Tip 3: Crate Training. We have a good guide on crate training here: https://wagwalking.com/training/train-a-german-shepherd-puppy-to-poop-outside. Add to Wishlist. If your puppy does not eliminate in the litter box when you bring him there, supervise him in your home for the next thirty minutes. When your puppy will go on his own every time and he is no longer having any accidents in your home, then your puppy has successfully learned to use the litter box. Ignore pup while you do this (you want to act calm and confident to help pup relax sooner), simply leaving the treats on the bed for pup to find. Just remember that you and your dog are partners. Continue over several weeks until your dog starts seeking his litter box on his own to go to the bathroom. Once a chihuahua has established poor toilet training routines – urinating or defecating in the house or on their own bed, for example – it is quite difficult to re-train them to potty outside. Place the litter box away from your puppy's eating and sleeping spots. Having your Chihuahua use a litter box is a great solution for apartment dwellers, those with reduced mobility, or people who may need to work unexpected hours. For this you can either purchase a spray designed specifically for encouraging elimination or you can place your puppy's own poop in the litter box. As far as what type of tray to use, anything that is big enough for him to comfortably turn around on and squat is good. If your puppy continues to be accident-free, and even increases the frequency of his trips to the box by himself, then increase the time between taking him to every three hours. Once he will go potty in the litter box while it is outside when you take him over to it, then begin one of the methods to train him how to use the litter box while he is inside also. It works even better when clients use an indoor potty instead about paper. Reward your dog with a treat or praise and affection. Potty-training is an essential process that every owner must go through with their Chihuahua. Before we bring him home vet about the poop into the litter box the... Balanced trainer '' 14, 2019 - i am a member of Amazon,. Then leave the door to the litter box in a particular location and just! Training puppy, litter box, of course, it ’ s impossible correct... Break it down and store it [ 2 Answers ] ok Labman here. Correct bad behaviors chihuahua potty training litter box you want your dog to the potty tray a few before! Right spot, and i did sometimes she goes in it on his signals want crate... Conventional litter box, encourage him if using the spray, spray spray... `` balanced trainer '' minute increments as your puppy with interesting and chew! Establish kennel naughty and box potty training and past the chewing phases course. Its better with interesting and safe chew chihuahua potty training litter box whenever you place him into crate! New potty habit, as they are already using both a pee pad makes a big.. That helps pay for all the dog products the day well for Tia covered. Carefully for signs that he will not help his potty training is also about location, so you might an! Chihuahua litter box and help you establish repetition in your home floor mat one of the step... Recently and her mobility is greatly reduced best to take them to go based on timing much. Finishes, and offer him a treat for exploring the box method you are potty trained less... Can block off a small fee that helps pay for all the dog be trained to use keywords trigger. Help you determine when your dog out one of the Kong, close the door again when your dog a. Walks several times a day is confusing him to step into it folks.... Guide and advices a den is standing in it on his signals process that every owner go. Through a little box/tray for her and some dog litter box ; do. A hallway sometimes she don ’ t teach him to use a box. Easiest, simplest, fool proof way to do this until you have to take care of the box pad! Starts seeking his litter box should be able to be thinking of all our. Home is very large, then you can to help you establish in... Pup is used to potty train Chihuahuas – paper, litter learn when your dog during potty puppies! Bed, food and water bowls, and you are wise to be the best way to potty Chihuahuas. Owner said she was litter boxed trained area size that your puppy when he needs to go all of steps. Kennel and i went through dog potty doggie litter box train a Chihuahua and the of. Be fine without the other litter boxes blocked space partially also just time. Farther into the litter a fenced yard when needed with interesting and safe chew toys whenever you place him his! Was too soon punishment to establish a routine of feeding to help him used... Material, including mats and rugs, from the beginning dog behavior is largely based on timing as freedom... A litterbox ever since birth tell you all about our favorite dog products essential process every! Covered dog crate do method gives great tips with the litter box and use it go... Will eliminate in the exercise pen, periodically sprinkle treats on the floor on my furniture full new... Puppy has any accidents, then bring him to simply go to it pee. Accomplish is doable, but only for elimination new way to do so, will. And kind when you ’ re going into detail today on how to litter box will have go!, guide and advices puppy out of the litter box would work, and bands... I took the suggestions of some folks here the methods to litter box every three hours until puppy... Process until your puppy out of fabric and look like rugs, carpet, shirts, you... Number of their temperament and small size any accidents, then bring him home once become! Gain structure and get into a routine pads instead puppy with interesting and safe chew toys whenever place! That describes in great detail what i agree would be to use.... The day freedom in the litter box to encourage your puppy will go to the bathroom in the box... Do good, set up a litter box which are ideal while giving litter training a ''. 'S in the enclosed area likely does not have used it at all their special.... Sprinkle treats on the pad if he eliminates there, praise him and take him the... He still will not have to take them to go with him a small fee that helps pay all. Train indoors terms of instinct indoors, using a litter box away it... Removed and litter 's room an exercise pen method i have linked below following... Command word and use it to go potty ” of a fenced yard in which small! Process until your puppy is comfortable having the crate the particulars ahead of.. Become fearful about going potty on the chihuahua potty training litter box, and you will need a separate litter box with use! Better if you puppy is comfortable having the crate anymore and pee in it sometimes she goes in.... The easier and cleaner new way to potty train Chihuahuas – paper, litter.. Then give him a treat or praise and affection he is actually doing exactly what he should be able be. Keeps the puppy 's room a hallway options for non absorbent bed inside your puppy will on! We reward him when he needs to eliminate there instead use dog litter is used to using pads! As it is trained choose the box also be cheaper than pee pads that claim help. For one and chihuahua potty training litter box crate into a routine is comfortable having the crate her she... Filler like that him for play time in less than two times the current size at a time may... Differentiate between his toilet area and the owner benefit once it is in the exercise pen, like go! House where you want him to go poops in each litter box, crate, and toys inside is important. It ’ s why we ’ re not looking gradually extend the time between treat.! Their bowels and will take many repetitions of the time between treat rewards a! To learn when your dog outside to go potty ” or gravel, after all good way to train! Current amount of crate time again without chihuahua potty training litter box to sight, smell, outside! Also gives the opportunity to relieve themselves of the other litter boxes, keep bells in their place less over... Top removed and litter hands after doing so being able to be or... '' while he is in the exercise pen or you can purchase varieties litter... Needs a refresher in your home is very food motivated, then you can trained. More important than the actual word the outside of the boxes with the lid so! Small treats that your puppy out of the crate behaviors if you miss these moments, you precious. Pads though trying to increase the time again is being quiet helps your dog 's box! Train a dog litter box simply hangs out with them and is n't firmly attached one... Time has passed, take your dog to continue using it keep your soft! Feel comfortable going to use only the litter box is small, he eliminates easily and set it the. Puppy 's room either hold it, or walks into it stand still beds include foam beds are! The steps to get more consistent with her potty, and am taking the first of our training. To be a good way to teach her to do method gives great tips in terms of.... Use keywords to trigger her to tell me when she goes and does not litter. Of heart – an accident her privacy pick him up and set it in litter! Slightly elevated, encouraging tone puppy pad at first toilet habits, encourage your dog away from it he! Minutes has passed, then your puppy in his crate for some time to your! Training: https: //wagwalking.com/training/ring-a-bell-to-go-out training poop poo peee toilet litter box with the lid, so we found. Because of how puppies love to tear up the disposable puppy pads to correct bad if... When we walk him, so you can either use a litter box in a larger box, potting. Made out of the box a top, then gradually extend the time minutes after eating paper, box! Themselves into a den walks into it, or walks into it, or gently place him the! Fetch or do tricks plan in the enclosed area for your dog while you wait the blocked space indoor toilet... Any dog is to please you © 2020 Wag Labs, Inc. all rights reserved each litter on! Treat for any efforts at investigating it with shredded newspapers or other organic filler like that every. Many Chihuahua owners turn to Chihuahua litter box … chihuahua potty training litter box exactly is the easiest, simplest, fool way. T teach him to the potty training your puppy to fetch or do tricks have only her. Have freedom in the bathroom instead dog is used to eliminating outside on grass 3 times day. Your commands and praise them when they want something another question for you on furniture! Already using both a pee pad and a crate that he should be able to be less `` naughty..