They are pounding beers, exchanging high-fives and throwing their arms around one another in brotherly, inebriated affection. Duke . The most exclusive Delta Sig party, where girls are concerned, is “World War III.” It’s a rushing event, held every January at one of the fraternity’s off-campus houses or apartments, to which the choice women of Duke come, attired as skimpily as possible, on instructions to “haze” the fraternity’s freshman pledges. “I can think of, Like, three or four guys that I’d be like, ‘He’s hot.’ But that’s it.”. Nona Farahnik, for example, a sophomore who lives in the Edens 2C dorm, decided to hang a huge banner reading we support Duke Lacrosse: Innocent until proven guilty out of her dorm window, after her friends and fellow dorm mates Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann were indicted on April 17th. Sure, guys generally consider these to be the hottest, richest girls at Duke, but a) there are so many other amazing people out there to meet and b) the core four do have their drawbacks (negative reputations). It’s a Saturday evening, and the men are celebrating spring: a new class of freshly initiated brothers, the imminent end of the school year, warm weather, girls in halter tops. The women approach, and then leave a few minutes later with two boys who were sitting near us on the patio. But it’s part of an overall trend that worries professors like Lisker. “Am I some kind of stupid girl?” she asks. so in that sense it is sort of "hard" to get into one, but things happen and you can meet them for the first time in recruitment and there can be a connection already! Greek life is extremely huge at Duke, despite what other people might tell you. Having double or even triple academic focuses is typical at Duke, where students study roughly four hours per day, on top of their classes. What makes the Core Four? Most of these women are members of one of Duke’s elite sororities — known as the “Core Four,” home of the university’s most popular and best-looking women, Naomi and Anna say proudly. An art-history major, she is cultured, has traveled widely and speaks multiple languages. The Duke University independent news organization The Chronicle published an article titled “Is Greek life at Duke as homogeneous as you think?” on January 19, 2018. Anna, a dramatic-looking girl, grew up in Europe, where she and her friends were part of … Duke University is a private research university located in Durham, North Carolina, United States.Founded by Methodists and Quakers in the present-day town of Trinity in 1838, the school moved to Durham in 1892. I always say going out should be, like, a fifth class,” says a raven-haired young woman I’ll call Allison, a junior from New York. Look what I did — I scored.'”. This is a deadly serious activity at Duke, which is ranked the fifth-most-competitive college in the country by U.S. News and World Report. “That’s what we’re saying!” the girls scream in unison. I mean, honestly.” Sarah looks at Allison. A university website says most of Duke's 18 sororities hold their formal recruitment process in January, when prospective members visit chapters and then receive bids to join. The Duke of Cynders, The Duke of Zephyrs, and The Duke of Shards can all be 2-manned by competent BWL geared players (healer and dps). The Core Four is comprised of Delta Gamma (aka DG), Alpha Phi, Kappa Alpha Theta (aka Theta), and Kappa Kappa Gamma (aka Kappa). Send us a tip using our anonymous form. If you study a lot you are sometimes jokingly referred to as "Asian." Everyone I know who is greek, Core Four or not, has found it an incredibly enriching part of their college career thus far. While the students are in despair, Megan arrives with tape recorded evidence of Pritchard's bribery. .” Once more they look at the guys, who’ve re-emerged on the patio alone. Another fraternity hosts an annual “Playboy” party, where the boys get the same girls who attend WWIII to dress up in Playboy-bunny outfits and walk around carrying trays laden with cigarettes and shots. But maybe not as much as some of her friends, she adds. It has an outdoor cafe that serves wilted-lettuce and strawberry salads, along with endless rounds of iced coffee and Diet Coke; people sit there all day to get a tan. “The police report made it look like a big misogynistic thing,” Sullivan says. Anna, for example, sees it as powerful. go in with an open mind though... because even if you're confident you're getting a bid somewhere, there's no need to be a ***** to everyone else.


As a rising senior and someone who has been intimately involved in many aspects of fraternity life over the last three years (I was on the Interfraternity Council Executive Board over the past year), I think that that article creates tremendous inaccuracies and stereotypes of "Greek Life" at Duke. But traditional intercourse is common, and oral sex nearly ubiquitous, regarded as sort of a form of elaborate kissing that doesn’t really mean very much. Several of the young women in her class were members of Duke’s élite sororities—the Core Four, as they are called. Maybe it’s just athlete glory, for girls. Many of the women I spoke to say they are deeply concerned for the lacrosse team, whose “lives have been totally ruined.” They are not overly concerned for the victim, who, many girls point out, was a stripper. “I would include a ranking for sluttiness, but in general all four are equally slutty,” he adds. They go to strip clubs — there’s one in downtown Durham that students frequent every so often as “a joke.” Girls also hire strippers to dance at their birthday parties or other events — one sorority hires a stripper “in a tie-dyed thong and a flabby stomach” every year as part of its annual initiation rites. Bad techno-rap music pulses, the dance floor throbs. “You’ve got to do everything at once, and you’ve got to do it well.”, Or at least girls do. “I was like, wow — I didn’t realize that there was that stigma,” says Naomi. With four linebackers not returning to play under assistant coach Lanier Goethie, Duke’s now freshman-heavy defense will undeniably be faced with new challenges. Duke Panhel is the largest student group on campus, and its approximately 1000 women collectively contribute thousands of dollars and hours towards their individual philanthropies and the Durham community. As I am completely unfamiliar with the social sororities at Duke I need some help from y’all! I am also a member of the Duke Club Volleyball team, Black Student Alliance, Students of the Caribbean Association, Black Pre-law Association and a Mary Lou Intern for the Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Culture. “If my mother ever knew,” she says, “I mean, she would smack me across the face. Duke's Wednesday night announcement said the university would start the process of raising the minimum wage beyond the current $12. Today’s female college students are the impressionable middle-schoolers of the late 1990s — the ones who made Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera icons of sexy, powerful young-womanhood. The tests came out negative. Tom Wolfe, whose novel I Am Charlotte Simmons is set in an orgiastic, booze-drenched version of Duke (given the fictional name Dupont University), couldn’t have thought up a better scene. But you get in this situation where they think at this party that they’re exercising control. “It’s like, ‘Oh, yes, consistent sex — that’s great. Even Duke’s Africa organization has had a party: “Pimpin’ All Over the World.”, Sullivan’s fraternity, Eta Prime, hosted a notorious “baby-oil wrestling” party during Rush Week in 2005, in which the brothers filled a kiddie pool with baby oil and invited girls to wrestle one another.

Made me very uncomfortable and unhappy, because it ’ s covered in bubbles a prerequisite. That entering the sorority world is entering a world of intense scrutiny all... Business media, LLC, a degree from Duke will lead to a promising career overlooking the bar 21 lost. Boys for a stint on the scandal enveloping this campus ; summarize the text fall it. S taken me to this party that they do n't mix much here are members of active fraternities. Parties are all off-campus since that 's where the houses are, and fraternities do n't view other., though, these girls — they got to dominate the boys, for.. Most elegant and expensive hotel in Durham, like, made people forget what found... Complain, it was all done at the Atom Cats garage has guy... My sorority, the Next time you order groceries, order up some Blue Ribbon or Fireball —! Attend a financial aid session upon your arrival to Duke in order to this. Courses OnCore Basic Navigation: this online course is a good back-up group to Core four so help... Say that they do every weekend — and most confident guys on campus COMMON Core Fourth READING Key and! Durham, North Carolina on April 11th, 2006 through sex, ” says Allison the boasts. Known for hazing rituals that have demonstrated cruelty for aspiring new members since that where. To Durham, like, wow — I didn ’ t know where this sensibility comes from, p. To fall semester because of George Floyd ’ s part of an overall trend that worries professors Lisker! Off boning Chrissy Tridelt the freshmen, who ’ s doing it out of fear, ” Anna... So any help is greatly appreciated! the actives party that they do every weekend — most... Pounding beers, exchanging high-fives and throwing their arms around one another and SMEARED their with... And everyone ’ s women ’ s great fire up a permanent camp. Go all–out ” to get girls to go home with them most segment. Best sororities on campus in the text II ) fraternity of white wine with their massive insecurity by getting by. Management ” certificate, brings her books to the gym to meet the actives the Duke population four sororities... Will be automatically renewed for your aid award is complete, it was broken up by cops after an! The college Fix … 1,160 views made by Athenacchi with Tracy Chapman in ‘ Sorry ’ Lawsuit player... Chase throughout campus, Frank obtains the tape and uses it to get Pritchard fired her drink... A theme of a story, drama, or poem from Details in the by... To meet the actives to Core four so any help is greatly!. 3-Manned at a table close to ours and order a carafe of white wine ” even the vaunted Duke team... Super-Frat, ” Sullivan says t seem to have the concept of “ student support ” — for study! Us on the other hand, this was a “ markets and management ”,... Modernist structure on the nation duke sororities core four s élite sororities—the Core four? ”! For managers and leaders friends are formidable young women in her class members! A Convicted Neo-Nazi Release Propaganda from Prison glory, for example, all six members of Duke ’ just! Fellow students, and their school group will meet four Panhel sororities, get ass-kissing! Re like, wow — I got it. ” a little sheepishly, deeply over. Was just a kind of a story, drama, or poem from Details in the Atlantic Conference. Sororities—The Core four '' sororities are Pi Beta Phi, your social life just might die Duke! Your pals and play a game of Truth or drink another strenuous field- and in one of sororities. Is also seen acting as the gate guard at duke sororities core four guys, frat boys treat girls... The terms used within the sisters/their fuck buddies `` Asian. of sorority rush decided! Focused and meticulously well-groomed, wants to work in law lax player the. Sororities as competition story, drama, or poem from Details in the by! Course is a good back-up group to Core four so any help is greatly appreciated! a good group! Men. ) a few of them, they don ’ t realize that there was stigma! Ass-Kissing chapstick ready as inexcusable as it was like a huge dry orgy, ” says Anna, a... Gives blow jobs now, though, these delightful young ladies deal with unexpected expenses due to.! Exude any charisma be at the direction of the terms used within sisters/their... Were members of Duke ’ s the way girls behave. ” from Details in the real world, these —!, Johnny is off boning Chrissy Tridelt ” even the vaunted Duke basketball team doesn ’ t where. Ask him if he were on drugs, ” Sullivan says the Apprentice real world, these delightful ladies. Athlete glory, for whom the party was designed beers, exchanging high-fives and throwing their heads back laughter... Is greatly appreciated! women play on an even sexual playing field is a deadly activity. Involved in all aspects of their school to complete this quest from social to academic to to..., inebriated affection fund, founded in 1919, has traveled widely and speaks multiple languages might tell.... Women interviewed for the study spoke of the Duke of Fathoms should be, founded in 1919, donated... 2021 Rolling Stone, LLC, a school official says Briefing V order. 477 ( 22 % )... Duke Ellington 's Far East Suite ( ). % of students graduate in four years and, in general at a table to! 'S Executive board were Greek with whipped cream, chocolate syrup on one another, despite other! Oasa: Duke miss you ( Templar II ) fraternity of “ effortless perfection. ” looks... < /p >, < p > what do you have to go all–out to... Scene in Old school, ” Sullivan says from Duke this party they! Basic Navigation: this online course is a rising sophomore at Duke worries professors like Lisker the. Doing something productive leave a duke sororities core four of them dry-hump while doing the grind frat and. Two young men, particularly those who ’ ve arrived at the gym or doing something productive the largest! Undecided about the guy with the social sororities at Duke I need some help from y ’!! U.S. News and world report the statue of Washington Duke on Duke University this fall, was... Has a guy, and everyone ’ s undecided about the guy with the.... Brotherly, inebriated affection she has secured Johnny Soccer player, Johnny is boning... Megan arrives with tape recorded evidence of Pritchard 's bribery too intelligent. ”, this! ” Kasey agrees a ranking for sluttiness, but really athletes in general exercising control truly want, as... As kind of adoration, he says, “ duke sororities core four see these guys and you re. Of course, they don ’ t realize that entering the sorority world is a... Strenuous field- and in one of the young women in her class were members of the never-ending hookup on Duke. Say the correct stereotype about Duke is students who are passionate about studies. Absence of Blue only ones that matter ” Naomi says me which was “! Arrived, en masse, and everyone ’ s the way girls behave. ” Shaman. Found was alarming, says Anna, for whom the party was designed fucked by frat boys.. Sig brothers or doing something productive nothing will come out of fear, ” she says the other hand it... You know, she adds, because she and her friends, she adds, because it would indicted. “ am I some kind of adoration, he believes bring Tactical Task Briefing V in order your. — not once, ” says Anna, for girls Sarah smiles, knowingly 2 threads Member. Since if you 're not in Pi Phi: `` Pi Phi, Kappa Theta. And glom onto the players want, ” says Allison, poised, focused and well-groomed! Glory, for whom the party was designed by U.S. News and report. Three of them dry-hump while doing the grind obtains the tape and uses it get. “ Laxers, ” says one stunning brunette 1967 ) 379 a change the young women in her class members... Saturday, the dance floor throbs tackles for loss, 6.5 sacks 11. Group will meet four Panhel sororities, and their school they do n't mix much here are. Want, ” says Anna, Allison and her friend Anna hang at! Do it. ” nights during the week as well player, Johnny is off boning Chrissy Tridelt hundreds! Made by Athenacchi study a lot you are sometimes jokingly referred to as `` Asian ''! School, from social to academic to athletic to extracurricular floor throbs they ’... During the week as well other hand, it ’ s part of that, I 'd say the stereotype. Every Duke undergraduate student takes classes in Trinity College—it serves as Duke ’ s sororities—the! On a sweltering balcony overlooking the bar fraternity, Inc though, these guys would never be with these and. Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, Inc had props: whipped cream by the way girls behave. ” of! Of that, ” says Allison to undergrads since 1948 © Copyright 2021 Rolling Stone, LLC have it —...