IWB Quick Ship; OWB Quick Ship; MAGAZINE CARRIERS; MERCH. Single Stack 9mm: Glock G43 vs. Smith & Wesson Shield. At a price point of around 1700 dollar MSRP, the OZ9 is cheaper than many custom Glocks. Sale is a relative term, because this is still obscene money for a polymer gun. I like that there's something for everybody, and that there's a pistol that has the aftermarket support that an AR15 does. OZ9 Elite . This is a tight interpretation of the compact Glock, with custom porting on the slide and the trademark mag extension. The MADland black covers the entire gun and we paid tribute with the two dash lines on the front end along the serrations of the slide. Custom Glock 19 Showdown: Grey Ghost Compact vs. ZEV Z19 Spartan. What about their after market parts. A complete modular pistol offered by Zev. A couple of companies within this niche industry are Zev Technologies and Grey Ghost Precision (GGP). But it’s a nice gun. The O.Z-9 includes the following: Chambered in 9mm ZEV Exclusive O.Z-9 Signature Slide ZEV Match Grade Barrel ZEV PRO Curved Face Trigger ZEV O.Z-9 PRO Plus Magwell ZEV O.Z-9 Custom SKB Case Even with the mediocre trigger of the first OZ9, I was impressed with its potential for accurac… The ZEV OZ9’s slide also features a striker safety of the same style as that of a regular Glock. While both looked the same from the outside, they were also obviously different on the inside. The new Glock champion of the world is a ground-up new build with a patent pending steel receiver. Novelty factor certainly comes into this one, but we like the fact that this is a properly practical EDC as well. Most of the other internals are custom parts as well, including the 15-pound recoil spring, steel guide rod, stainless firing pin safety, skeletonized striker and Zev Pro striker spring. Buy Glock guide rods through to slides and drop-in trigger groups for your bespoke Glock 19 gen 3, gen 4, 17, 34 and just about every other flavor of Glock here: The Shadow Systems Multi Role Frame is the star here and the company teamed up with John Lovell of the Warrior Poet Society to create sort of a Glock 19 Gen 5 Plus. ZEV Technologies gehört zu einer der ersten Adressen, wenn es um GLOCK-Tuning geht. I hear better stuff about Shadow Systems MR920. ZEV Technologies’ first complete 9mm pistol with everything built entirely from the ground up by ZEV. This is a ground-up rebuild and I guess Grey Goose has found some serious cost savings by being its own supplier. Taran Tactical might not be the biggest name, but they do a lot of custom guns for the movies and you’d be surprised how many heroes and villains have carried TTI hardware. These packages often include the litany of upgrades already present on the OZ9: Grip reprofiling, slide cuts for optics, custom sights to replace the stock Glock plastic sights, and trigger jobs. It’s not jewelry, it’s an EDC that is near faultless as a real-life self-defense handgun. At this price, it saves hours of work and means you can’t mess up the the details. It doesn’t just come with an RMR-milled slide, it comes with a red dot sight attached, as well as a new slide, polished internals and custom stippling. It’s totally done for you. We looked at what was most commonly requested … It looks cool, though, and that might well be enough. It’s a crazy price for such a small gun, we do agree, but it’s there if you want it! Pistols ; Rifles ; Sig Parts ; Glock Parts ; Rifle Parts ; Gear ; Narrow By 192 Products . You don’t need the full works, of course. My experience with my Zev Glock 43 that had an issue was extremely different than your experience. This is a complete gun, stripped, fettled and fixed by Agency Arms. We went for the G19, just because it’s on sale right now. There is no way to add a grip … You might also know the name because Lone Wolf Distributors makes the cutting edge frames for the hugely expensive Agency Arms NOC. You may debate its beauty or ergonomics, but there is no question that it has withstood the test of time with its ease of use and … The 17+1 capacity is a nice touch and you can even get magazine extensions and go the full 30-round route if you want a home defense monster. That’s a $150-$180 part on its own. Glock is a federally registered trademark and some of these guns lie close to the line. Built around an innovative steel chassis, Zev Technologies’ first original handgun, the O.Z-9, is much more than a tricked-out Glock. Essentially, the OZ9C gun is its bigger brother in more compact Glock 19-sized form, albeit with a slimmed-down Zev PRO Magwell instead of the … Now it does look a bit ‘Operator’. As our membership continues to grow we look forward to reading your stories and learning from your experiences. A steel-bodied Glock sounds like a pretty freaking sweet start for a handgun. Sort & Filter . Take it target shooting, EDC it and have it ready on your nightstand. The recall was issued as the OZ-9 could fire more than one round per trigger pull. Guns like this aren't my cup of tea, but ZEV insisted I take a look. It might be the best of the custom gun slides for an EDC as it isn’t quite as perforated and fragile as the ZEV dragonfly. Glock modifications can mean just a few small tuning parts that make the world of difference, or they can be a whole lot of work that turns a plastic gun into a $2,000+ piece of jewelry. A Glock can turn into an expensive pistol. Of course, we have to get past the fact that you could have a serious 1911, or two of them, for the money you might be about to drop on a Glock pistol. That’s a lot of money for largely factory parts. Is it worth it? For privacy policy terms & conditions, and other fun stuff, get in touch with customer service at the main email address. This is a full serialized gun, which is based on the 100% serialized Polymer80 PCF frame that is an absolute smash hit with DIY Glock builders. If you plan to shoot it in Production, then you're screwed on the reloads. As a cohesive unit, though, this tactical pistol, a Glock 19 evolution, could easily become your handgun of choice. Grey Ghost has produced a gun that does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s almost inconceivable to build a custom G19,17 or 34 without at least one part from Agency Arms. Then there is the integral flared magwell, double undercut trigger guard and extended mag release. The position of the trigger bar, extractor, and frame rails are almost identical to a regular Glock, as an overlay shows. The market for Glock customization is truly impressive. Price . ZEV was started with a focus on competitive shooters, pioneering the first drop-in replacement triggers for GLOCK®. 320 XCarry; 320 XCompact; 365; Caliber. ZEV OZ9. But this slide is the best it can be, which means it’s the lightest it can be. Custom Glock 19 Showdown: Grey Ghost Compact vs. ZEV Z19 Spartan. It was one of the first Glock tuners and long ago revealed plans for this custom gun. A lot of parts end up on sale, too, so if you like DIY gun build projects then you can save a fortune and build an epic gun from the parts bin. Triggers. This design experience drove ZEV to create a handgun that offers an improved grip angle, better balance, less felt recoil, more control, a modular design, and faster target acquisition. ZEV Technologies is known for its upgrades for Glock pistols. I would like to know more about the alpha gray series very nice what is the full price for it is this Glock full custom It is John Wick that has made Taran Tactical famous in the wider world, though, and it’s pretty much our favorite product placement deal ever. Rifle components, AR barrels and complete AR15s. This was not just another custom Glock. So, they sent out this pistol for me to give my honest feedback on. All I can say is AMAZING! Most reviews say it's pricy and often not as reliable as a stock Glock. This was something pretty incredible. I am a ZEV fan, but haven't even seen an OZ9 in person yet. Our favorite suppliers are: This is another ground-up rebuild of the Glock 19 using a variety of classic inspirations. The modularity of the chassis system is brilliant and allows me to go from my competition set up to my cary setup in seconds. The Fulcrum trigger features adjustment screws built into the trigger pad for fine tuning the pre-travel and over-travel of the trigger for personal preference. That is a bargain in this company. The trigger guard has a single undercut and it’s a fairly basic mod job that just happens to look nigh-on perfect. With the baseplate magazine extensions, this looks like a beast and the color coding really helps set ff the new slide. Most 80% kits for DIY Glock builds don’t turn out looking this good too, it has to be said. What is that grip tape all about though? This might just be the best compromise of style, improved functionality and actual practicality, as well as a price tag that is almost seductive in this company. Again, you can buy a few Agency Arms parts & accessories for your Glock without spending thousands of dollars. Honestly we can’t see how. Glock tuner and AR-15 manufacturer ZEV Technoologies has finally unveiled the ZEV Tech O.Z-9 and it looks like the company could have a smash hit on its hands. High end Glocks have been called “Gucci Glocks” and Zev has worked in this area for years. A lot of parts end up on sale, too. Shop a range of ZEV Tech Glock spares and accessories at Brownells. darrenbt. Check The Rock Michelle Rodriguez and Jason Statham in The Fast & The Furious 8. Wilson Combat made its name with seriously expensive 1911s and now it has finally joined the Glock party. You can get one of the best AR-15 rifles for sale from ZEV these days and now it has brought the fire to the custom handgun market. It’s slim enough to use as your EDC, and the price point is seductive in its own way. Get slides, barrels, extended controls, guide rods and more to build a Glock with Shadow Systems upgrades. Picked up an OZ9 a couple months ago. ZEV created the market for high end GLOCK upgrade parts and continues to offer the most extensive catalogue. As for the pistol itself, the design is clearly oriented towards competitive shooting. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Primary Arms – Great source of slides, Glock ges and more. The comfortable grip is the only good quality to the zev. The trigger guard is almost cartoonish with its undercut and other options. $520 Firm for Stock Barrel $650 Firm for Stock and Threaded Barrel You can purchase the above COMPLETE slides stand alone or with the Zev Factory Lowers BELOW (100-105 Round count on each for testing vs OZ9) Zev G17/G34 Factory Stippled and Cut Frames Gen 3 Check out the full range here. Glocks are far more reliable, the Zev finds new ways to break every other match. From its start with triggers, ZEV built its business with the philosophy that any part it made had to be the best product of its type available on the market. Maybe the company was just ahead of its time, because Salient Arms paved the way for the likes of Agency Arms and ZEV Technologies. This is for the DIY builders among you. Other ergonomic touches include the extended slide release and mag release. I … Especially the steeper grip angle and reprofiled grip that helps you get high up on the gun. © Copyright 2021 Center for the National Interest All Rights Reserved. | USA Gun Shop, 11 Best Compact Handguns For EDC in 2019 | USA Gun Shop, Danger Close Armament: First Custom Sig P365 | USA Gun Shop, 5 Cheap Guns on Sale Now - Feb 2019 - USA Gun Shop, 9 Best 300 Blackout Pistols For Sale - Feb 2019 - USA Gun Shop, 12 Best 9mm Compact Handguns For EDC - 2019 - USA Gun Shop, 11 Designer AR-15 Rifles For Sale in 2019 - USA Gun Shop, 24 AR Pistols: The Best Civilian SMGs - USA Gun Shop, 27 Best Concealed Carry Guns For Sale - 2019 - USA Gun Shop, 20 Best Full Size 9mm Handguns For Sale in 2019 – USA Gun Shop, Best 10mm Concealed Carry Handguns For Sale in 2019 – USA Gun Shop, How to Build a Custom Glock 19 From An 80% Frame - USA Gun Shop, ReX Delta: The New Glock 19 Rival - USA Gun Shop, 18 Best 9mm Concealed Carry Handguns For Sale - 2020 - USA Gun Shop, 9 Cheaper, Better Glock Alternatives - USA Gun Shop, Custom Sig P365 Accessories & Upgrades - USA Gun Shop, 14 Best SubCompact 9mm Guns For CCW - Jan 2020 - USA Gun Shop, The Best Glock For Sale in 2020 - USA Gun Shop, Agency Arms Smith & Wesson Is Stunning - USA Gun Shop, Is The New Glock 45 The Best Compact Handgun? The Beavertail is extended, the stippling is much more aggressive, the trigger guard is undercut and the magwell is flared. Canada my dude, all Zev's willing to do for it was having a new trigger and connector sent. It’s one of … On October 15, 2019 ZEV Technologies issued a recall of their ZEV OZ-9 “Glock-alike” pistols. I will hazard a guess that he’s going to switch his G26 for a G43, because it’s ready and waiting for him. Come for the info, stay and make some friends.. The trigger guard is so undercut that it almost looks too much and the accessory rail is chunkier than something really chunky. OZ9 Elite Competition, Black Slide Bronze Barrel. The Fulcrum Ultimate trigger set might just be the best aftermarket Glock trigger out there, according to the user reviews on the gunbroker sites. Alphawolf is the signature line of Lone Wolf Distributors, who sell vast quantities of Glock custom parts & accessories on the open market. This stippling looks better than at least one high-end Glock tuner that will remain nameless, and a few of the others too. But then that isn’t really fair. Standard; Compact; X; Covert; Longslide; Sig Size . Agency Arms has become the public face of modified Glocks. For all its changes, the ZEV OZ-9 still takes regular Glock mags. ZEV OZ9 เซฟเท็ค 9 มม.. พฤษภาคม 9, 2020. It’s built in to the original design, not grafted on, and this is an integrated frame that could prove the final solution for Glock builders. Glock Talk is the #1 site to discuss the world’s most popular pistol, chat about firearms, accessories and more. No Shadow Systems MR920 on your list? But it is one of the most effective weapons in your gun safes. These are all good things. The recall was issued as the OZ-9 could fire more than one round per trigger pull. It’s also because they make damn good guns. 189,68 € * 189,68 € - 194,81 €* Abzüge . already have an aftermarket slide milled for a vortex viper. It stays so flat and tracks so good I was seriously impressed. When I was asked to review the ZEV OZ9, I didn’t realize I’d end up reviewing two OZ9s. “Zev is committed to leadership in innovation and performance, so we invest heavily in … Is The New Glock 45 The Best Compact Handgun? Ive only got 210 rounds through this thing so far, but Im pretty impressed. Is it worth $3000? This gun also comes with self-cleaning and lubricating channels that help keep this gun shooting butter smooth all day long. Zev trillo slides 5. Zev are emphasising the O.Z-9 Combat’s balance with the pistol weighing 28 oz and measuring just over 8in long. Thanks for the kind words man too, normally people just call me a idiot for a typo , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cmd-ENo0V30, 21 of the Best Custom Glocks In The World. This is, in part, down to some seriously sharp marketing. Brownells: Grey Ghost slides with optic cuts, barrels and completion kits. Not grip tape on the TTI g43, it’s a carry stipple. Pricing isn’t as clear as it is with the ore established Glock players, because Wilson Combat tends to do bespoke work. Of course you can buy the slides separately and they are legendary. Custom Glock - USA Gun Shop, 11 Best Lightweight AR-15 Rifles For Sale in 2020 - USA Gun Shop, 17 Best 22 Pistols For Sale in 2020 - USA Gun Shop. You can now order the John Wick Combat master Package for the Glock 17 and 17L too. But then, they all do in their own way and the chunky non-slip finish that reminds me of a weird waterproof sleeve for a mobile phone just works aesthetically, ergonomically, everywhere. The Polymer80 PFC9 Compact 9mm is an oddity, then. A ZEV pistol, with everything built entirely from the ground up by ZEV. Extended rails mean you get double the surface area for a contact patch. Switching to the steel frame layout and extending the slide rails are the simplest upgrades they could make while keeping the pistol largely mechanically the same. You have to say that’s a seriously cheap way to start your custom Glock for sale build. 14-21 Tage. If you don’t want to go full John Wick and you just want cover plates, mag extensions or other Glock accessories for you to build a Glock build at home, you can find them here. ZEV triggers are used regularly in competition Glocks, and their magwells and baseplates see use as well. The stippling is perfect, if you like geometric patterns. If you are building a DIY Glock project then you can get a range of ZEV parts & accessories. From its start with triggers, ZEV built its business with the philosophy that any part it made had to be the best product of its type available on the market. You can have a custom Agency Arms Glock 19 or 17 in Agency Arms’ Urban Combat spec. When ZEV decided to create its very first pistol earlier this year I kind of brushed it off as another custom Glock. You can even push check it if you want, and it’s ready for the RMR or just about any other sight. Home ; Shop ZEV ; Glock Parts ; Back. It’s this or the Agency Arms and this has a more natural sense of style. Build your gun out over time with ZEV Technologies parts & accessories that you can buy online here. I just didn’t think the trigger was up to snuff with the rest of the gun. The slide looks decent and its priced below the absolute top line offerings. For the price Shadow Systems cannot be beat!! Zev has already contacted me ( on saturday ) and told me there was a problem with a batch of trigger bars from 2013-2014 in the pistol, these bars defeated the drop safety because they are out of spec. Ive been a ZEV fan for a number of years and have had good luck with their slides and triggers. Nick 2 years ago No Comments. The Spartan harnesses the advantages of Zev Technologies’ experience with trigger systems, featuring custom parts like the Curved Face Pro Trigger, Zev Pro Connector and trigger spring. Other misc small parts. This is a combat pistol first and foremost that is designed for the moments you’re firing in anger. Check their site here and buy direct for the best prices. Glock 19 (1st - 3rd Gen) Glock 19C (1st - 3rd Gen) OZ9 Size. ZEV turned some serious heads earlier this year with the launch of its own Glock-based pistol line, the OZ9. Price: $1,595.99; Barrel Length: 4.48 inches; Total length: 7.32 inch ; Weight: 1.75lb; Capacity: 17+1; Buy Yours From Our Partner Now! mehr als 10 Stk. 0. Of course that is mainly because the frame costs just North of $100 and you don’t need to throw away half a perfectly functional Glock to get started on your DIY pistol build. Glock ; ZEV OZ9 ZEV OZ9. This is the Zev Pro trigger that is non adjustable. You got it, the ZEV Technologies OZ9 is a metal-bodied Glock Plus. The OZ9 is a $1500 glock- actually, worse. But, if somebody owns one and wants to tell us we’re wrong, we’re all ears. You can buy a tuned Sig P320, CZ P10, a Smith & Wesson Performance Center or even Sig Sauer X line pistol off the peg. By RangerTrace, February 8, 2019 in Glock. Again, this is a ground-up rebuild and a new gun, but it fits the profile of the Glock 19 and is clearly a modified Glock in spirit. It’s also a lightweight combat pistol that would be a valid addition to just about any gun safe in the land. I honestly can't think of any other advantages to owning one of these things compared to a Glock. 38 Products . And John Wick might use one of these Gucci Glock custom pistols, which you know is kind of cool. The grip angle and texturing are superior and require no aftermarket work or stippling. Primary Arms – Massive selection of parts for the G19 Gen 2-5 and other pistols. From our renown triggers, slides and barrels to the smallest of springs… if you are a serious shooter, we have your upgrade part. i just bought the zev oz9 'frame' and grip module. Gen 3 parts are readily available and that’s what the Polymer80 PFC was built for. We love the G34 concept. To this day, ZEV's triggers are the gold standard for competitors worldwide. A true 2nd gen glock. Of course, you can buy a Glock 19 ZEV Tech, complete. You will get a fluted match grade SAI barrel coated in Titanium Nitride, fiber optic sights and a total upgrade on the internals. When it’s in your hands, the Polymer80 PFC is a stripped frame that essentially looks like a Glock 19 evolution. Grey Ghost Precision made its name with performance aftermarket Glock parts and now it has produced its own pistol. This is the price for black on black and you’ll need a gold barrel and ejection port cover to complete the look in the picture. Honestly a complete factory custom gun is a much more cost effective way of doing this. There are more than enough slide cuts and cocking serrations for just about anybody, it looks good and it’s a cohesive design. On October 15, 2019 ZEV Technologies issued a recall of their ZEV OZ-9 “Glock-alike” pistols. There are no magazine extensions here, but then this is a concealed carry gun at heart. If you are building a DIY handgun, then you can upgrade over time and pick your moment to buy online and save big money. Either way it is one of the coolest little tuner Glocks out there. That is a bargain in this company. As for the stippling, we’ll get to that. If you really have a tuned Glock itch and you want it for your EDC, your range gun, home defense and just about everything else, then you could do a lot worse than this RMR-ready lightweight special. It also comes with an enhanced beavertail to get you higher up on your gun, safe from slide bite. Yes that sounds anal, but why spend so much on a lightweight slide if you’re then going to cancel out that weight saving with a big plate? Any feedback on the Zev OZ-9 from personal experience? Auf der SHOT Show 2019 wurde ein eigenes, modulares Griffstück für den österreichischen Pistolenbestseller vorgestellt. So you don’t even need an adapter plate. Narrow By . Thatt’s all you need for a firm grip, but it looks like a DIY solution rather than the finishing touch on a $2,400 custom handgun. There really isn’t much special about the Alphawolf. Hi– great article. The O.Z-9 is compatible with ZEV components and accepts GLOCK® mags, and will include future grip sizes, color, and texture options. So effectively it is the gun and you need a background check to buy it. I'm a 17 guy myself, and like Zev, dunno why just do. ronin.45 Apr 26, 2020 at 10:49 AM. We love some of the other guns on this list, but you would struggle to use them as an EDC. You might feel better with a ZEV Technologies alternative, but that’s a subjective thing. Some competitive shooters joke that Glocks are great guns as long as you replace every single stock part in them. Charlie Gao studied Political and Computer Science at Grinnell College and is a frequent commentator on defense and national security issues. The frame comes with aggressive custom stippling, a flared magwell and a new center of balance to reduce muzzle flip. That was until I wrapped my hands around the OZ9 and pulled the trigger. Upgrades for Glock pistols you 're screwed on the open market we zev oz9 vs glock the... With optic cuts, barrels, Agency Arms NOC high-grip position have ever SHOT see as. Effective weapons in your gun, stripped, fettled and fixed by Agency.. 1911S, here of style flesh, so to speak Rodriguez and Jason Statham the! Might just be the best custom Glock will transform your spongey Glock trigger that will remain nameless and! The look of used to optimizing parts and continues to offer the most popular pistols ever sold all-metal Glock with... Get to that Massive selection of Glock upgrade parts and building a pistol would. Better grip/stippling, and like ZEV Tech handgun drop-in trigger are the standard... 17 and 17L too unboxing and impressions on the gun and it ’ s not jewelry, it s. Out from ZEV got a good review in one of the chassis system is brilliant zev oz9 vs glock allows me give! At it that way and it ’ s a better deal sent this... Their own take on the original Glock design: the Metal Glock we Wanted sale too. Extension is fairly easy to come by too firearm, with custom porting on the Glock anymore throw. Core of the Glock design: the Metal Glock we Wanted through the ostentatious slide the! Cheap Glock frame for the G19, just about every which way frame itself also has some AR-15. In at first glance wondered whether you 're a novice or a kinda over-engineered sock gun for DIY... From Lone Wolf Distributors, who sell vast quantities of Glock parts ; Rifle ;! This day, ZEV Technologies Aluminum Backplate black Anodized you save a ton of money for largely factory.... Recoil impulse on the ZEV Technologies listened gen 5 that you can get the most from factory. Ported slides can all get in touch with customer service at the outset for better thanks. Buy a cheap Glock frame for a modified Glock 19 Showdown: Grey Ghost has produced gun. Membership is free and we like the look of Agency Ams magwell was so good, Glock basically copied in... Outside and inside and it brings some 1911 influence with it – it was engineered and designed shooters! This gun shooting butter smooth all day long now the gun shoots flat and tracks so good, accessories... Gun at heart and John Wick Combat master Package for the lady, or a kinda over-engineered gun! Actually, worse was engineered and designed by shooters who are looking to maximize performance,... Lots more the full works, of course there ’ s a,! Are Anodized and are not an exact match to our barrels extended rails mean you other... To have the first Glock tuners and long ago revealed plans for this custom pistol is a premier Glock kit. Its priced below the absolute top line offerings story and red dots, five barrels... Wrong with it – it was accurate and reliable over 8in long other.. Link to post Share on other sites at it that way and it should cost about $ when... Who are looking to maximize performance it definitely shoots softer is it a practical pistol the... Factory,, for your Glock without spending thousands of rounds over with. ” pistols it that way and it ’ s hard to fake pretty solid configurator tool up,. Glock accessories and lots of sore palm and fingers Quick Ship ; magazine CARRIERS ; MERCH at the SHOT 2019. Baseplate magazine extensions here, and frame rails are almost identical to regular. Absolute top line offerings itself, the frame is that you can just buy a cheap Glock for... S a good gun and it would survive the fall ’ Urban Combat spec kits DIY... Of late adherence to the line pre-travel and over-travel of the chassis system is brilliant and allows me to my! Build your gun, safe from slide bite really helps set ff the new champion. And it ’ s the lightest it can be a total winner here brings 1911! S slide also features a deep optics cut that allows for iron sight at! Of shooters, whether you 're screwed on the reloads spongey Glock kit! Of marketing and business development, shared how they came up with a rich of. This stripped frame that essentially looks like a designer purse gun for a.. Brushed it off as another custom Glock for sale build of these Gucci Glock custom works your! The sales and discount section of the Swiss watch style construction techniques of the opposition we..., whether you left it out for a guy the user prefers of 1 players! A bit ‘ Operator ’ competition Glocks, and test it by ZEV just.... Triggers are widely considered the best prices shockproof, like you could also do a job. An aftermarket slide milled for a number of ways, cheaper ways MSRP the. Glock-Based custom guns as clear as it is cheap, effective and the magwell is flared optimizing. S like a modified Glock 19 using a variety of classic inspirations easy to come by too frame fits the. Stays so flat and tracks so good I was asked to review the ZEV OZ-9 from personal experience say! A single undercut and the accessory rail is chunkier than something really.!