Gray-curious? Réponse préférée. Here are a few of them… Grey Hair Can Actually Make You Look More Vibrant. It's understandable. It will just be my look. Personally, while I still dye my own hair, I have to admit that my grey-haired sisters make some excellent points in support of going grey naturally. Love your post…I stopped coloring my hair in my early forties and I’m late forties now. But at the same time, I loved the low maintenance and the freedom, and the color totally complimented my skin tone. After years of seeing my hair as a struggle—and most African-American women still live in a world of weaves, wigs, and straighteners—I feel fortunate to finally like my hair just as it is. My reasons were pretty much exactly the same ones you listed. I'm glad I did it, but if I could do it over again I would grow out the color and keep the length because it was two hard transitions at once. See more ideas about hair, gray hair growing out, hair styles. Title: Dying My Hair Grey Silver With Solfine; Date: January 04, 2017; Size: 51kB; Resolution: 1280px x 720px; Download Image. Which is anything but organic by the way. It is freeing when you give up the maintenance! I asked around town and found #bestcoloristatlanta Jen Jones. In November 2016, I walked into my hairdresser’s and announced, ‘I want to go grey’. Anyway, thanks so much for the great post, and the valuable info. I suppose that if I really, truly am unhappy with it then I could go back to coloring – right? Regardless of your situation, if you're looking to go gray, there are tons of different ways to rock it. I just started dying my hair for the first time in my life because of grays becoming more prominent. The most frustrating thing is my gray hair! I didn't really take notice as first but fast forward to today, my greys has become noticeable to everybody. “My hair is already dyed, can I still go grey?” This depends on your circumstances. MEANING that if your hair dye is working (regardless of what it says on the label like organic, or natural or nontoxic) it’s employing the same chemicals as conventional dye. I feel like if I’m a cute lady, I’ll be a cute lady with the courage to rock gray hair, but if I’m a not-so-cute lady, I’ll just seem… unkempt and lazy. I like how the color is coming in and can’t wait until it’s all back to natural (my hair has never grown so sloooooowly though – ugh). You gotta do whats right for you. So I stopped. Has your hair been dyed brown or black? (I have no idea what this means). Avoid blow drying, curling or straightening every day, which further dries out hair. New grey hair trend is being embraced by real women ... 'I've been dying my hair different shades of pastel colours over the last year, but I thought I'd try something different. Then went to just to low-lighting in some color and then finally all gray again 5 years later. Plus people keep sending me pics or beautiful women with gray hair – It’s keeping me so inspired! please tell me how i can come out this problem.. I'm now sick of how fast my roots reappear because I have fast growing thick hair. It took 2 years to get my hair where I wanted it to be, and now I feel authentic and unique. Whether you've been coloring your hair for days or … Discover (and save!) I'm in my early 50s and have about 50% grey hair. You are starting over with a new color, cut and hair relationship that takes time. About every fourth time I pull the color through to freshen up the color over all. Thank you in advance for any suggestions. Liquid dyes are mixed with a solution that allows it to remain on your hair. My stylist dyed my hair various shades of gray with highlights, lowlights, and some blonde to help with the growing-out process. Anonymous. I hope it finds its way to someone who was on the fence like me! You are a knock out, sister, and I feel like you’re going to be one of those women who make gray look so cool! So how long is your grow out after a year? Lisa is the founder of This Organic Girl. You are going to look so amazing with your natural color! I used to dye my hair at home up until last year but i found it hard to do at home as my hair is thick and the dye used to get all over the bathroom. I didn’t want her to look different than how I knew her. Yes – I often catch people staring at me in public and I have to remind myself that they’re probably trying to reconcile the fact that my face looks relatively young, but my hair is almost completely white. I haven’t gotten my hair cut since MeCHE, Santa Monica! • To look after your grey hair (which can be prone to yellowing and dryness) then condition it as often as you can and use hair masks every week. Then 8 weeks turned into every 6 weeks and most recently It’s been every 3 to 4 weeks. I have to color my hair every 2 weeks (just coloring roots) to cover the gray. It also depends on how light or dark is your natural grey. After I embraced my natural color, I got so much positive feedback! I only wish I had stopped sooner. I’m 37 and haven’t dyed my hair in probably the last 12 years because I just felt like it shouldn’t have to be a thing and if I age slowly it won’t be a total change looking in the mirror one day. I was totally inspired and said, 'I'm doing it.' Why people cant accept the gray hair? Like I am okay with being gray but I want it to be cute gray. Three hours a week for a year = 36 hours. It’s a popular thing to spend hundreds of dollars to get what I have for free. It works, it’s nontoxic. This is my grey hair. What if you really need to dye your hair? your own Pins on Pinterest This year I decided to stop dying my hair. I'm quite grey (in my mid-forties too) and I dye mine blonde - the re-growth is much less noticeable than dyeing it darker. I’m about 75% light grey with some dark grey on the back of my head. 8 Months and Counting, Going Gray: A Transformation Both Inside and Out, The Ultimate CLEAN VEGAN BEAUTY Master List. Hi Kelly! Been … It looked so modern and hip. I was really surprised by the backlash I received from family, friends and even co-workers. Afterward, the absurdity of my behavior sunk in. It's about choosing organic skincare and makeup, ethically made clothing and eating clean, whole foods. When I have mentioned that I might want to stop coloring my hair, he objects, But, this post is making me reconsider. Five minutes earlier, during my weekly shop, I had been trying to work out which magic box of hair colour to shove in the trolley. "I either dye my hair, or let it come through and look 50 at 25!" I know I’m not alone. It is scary but I am passionate about standing up for this! Good to know that I only have about 4 months to go to get over the hump! Hairprint is a DIY at home treatment that on average took me 3 hours to apply from start to finish including a blow-dry. Follow this tutorial and learn how to dye your hair grey or silver from the comfort of your … I have my colorist highlight the back of my head 2x/year so it looks more consistent. Everyone told me I would look so OLD and I’m too YOUNG to look OLD. How To Transition To Gray Hair. 7 réponses. In return my hair is 50% gray. Like when you are three months pregnant and you just want a belly already because you are sick of feeling fat. So it’s like I’m coloring my hair and it looks good for a week and then I’m counting down the days until my next application. So at age 40, I started letting the gray grow in. I was in shock. Then it struck me that as I was getting older, I was getting happier, wiser, more skilled, and more fulfilled, and I started to see the signs of aging—crow's-feet, sun spots, and silver hair—as badges of honor. However, it takes a bit of work to get there. Just do it - you won't regret it! Dealing with Dye…What to Do if you feel you MUST Dye Your Hair. The day of my hair appt., I was sick to my stomach, and wanted to cancel. Such a double standard) – just like people who tell me that I’m pale and need to get a tan. I didn't identify at all with the cut. But it should’t be like that. OMG – 14 is nuts! I'm considering letting the grey take over....but I don't want grey hair. ???? Just keep in mind you are saying goodbye to a hair color you have known for your whole life give or take a couple of meltdowns where you wanted to look like a blonde bombshell. My grow out really just looked like ombre while it was happening so I am thankful for that. So I got her first available which was 2 months out. Maybe I will seem cool instead of desperate!? But by the time I was 43, I was silver from ear to ear and not ready for it, so I went blonde. I’m just not there yet with my own self-confidence. Sure there may be some organic shea butter thrown in there, maybe a sprig of mint or maybe even the chemicals are used in less % than conventional but the point is IT’S THE SAME TOXIC CHEMICALS. Why trust us? Extended periods of stress and exhaustion take a toll on your body and lower your vitamin B levels, which is linked to going grey. Until my teenage daughter and colleagues at work said that i should dye my hair – grey is just not the thing. I had the same thought when my Mom decided to stop coloring her hair. We all know what I’m talking about!!! So it was either back to DIYing with Hairprint or embracing my grays. But our society still seems to have a collective issue with the natural aging process of the female human being, so reaching for the dye as soon as the first silvery sprouts appear is de rigueur for the vast majority of women under the age of 60. 10 Things that Surprised Me About Going Gray, Organic Hair Dye: The Good, The Bad. All in good time girl! As time went on, I got tired of dyeing it, and I felt fake trying to achieve my original auburn color. So here I am going from a staunch heck no to a 100% all-in attitude over the past year. It’s something about myself I have no idea about but I am so excited to find out! You can follow my experience including before and afters if you search my website using keyword “Hairprint”. I’m thinking past my chin and then I can chop it. Just lighten your hair colour. About every fourth time I pull the color through to freshen up the color over all. To say I’m not doing this anymore later in life takes a lot of courage – it’s almost like an identity change at that point. In my heart of hearts I think aging naturally is truly beautiful and I want to step on that side of that scale, add weight to it and be another example for others who are considering doing the same. This is beautiful. I started graying early. Now it's been 10 years since I went natural, and I couldn't have made a better choice. We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we back. I get more excited by the day though – I doubt I will turn back. Henna is one of the most popular natural ways to color gray hair since it's really effective in … Not mousy wirey gray. Drop me an email and I’ll send some your way. Okay, but how does a lady go about camouflaging it with some full grey hair coverage? There are many best products for dying your hair grey, such as Streak ‘N Tips, Arsty temporary hair color wax, Adore semi-permanent hair color, Colorista Spray, and so on. I want aging naturally to be regarded as a respected choice. If you have darker hair, you might end up with calico hair for a bit. BRAVO – and how wonderful you shared with the world. Discover (and save!) "—Amanda Trigg, 46, Rockland County, NY, MORE: 8 Hair Color Mistakes That Make You Look Older, "I started going gray in my late 20s and kept getting it colored. Thank you for this warm welcome! your own Pins on Pinterest Reply. You can buzz cut it, leave the crown long and clip short the undersides, make it asymmetrical, you can even shave it all off, but don't try to grow out the gray! Your first gray hair is a rite of passage, a reminder that you're getting older, wiser, and that you are blessed to be a vibrant human being. Come see why I am going gray at 39! It's really liberating! My hair is kind of my thing. Like first place gold, not an honorable mention. Little did I know how gray my hair was -- I was only in my 30's! If I truly hate it, I can always go back! I’m like, I’ll try anything so I appreciate any and all feedback!!! The one named cement grabbed my attention, and soon I was booked in for a semi-permanent colour to go over my already pretty light blonde hair. Pertinence. Just to follow on from my earlier post on dying hair with hypothyroidism. It will take a long time to get it where I want it, so now I’m living with my grey roots, brown mid section and purple ends. But I knew I was tired of chemically fighting that gray line of regrowth every 3 weeks, so I was game for a change. It sounds like you wouldn't mind going naturally gray but you don't want the roots to show. Thanks for your comment! I have long brown hair. Bring it Jen! Stay strong and welcome to the ranks of proud prematurely grey! 8,631 Likes, 417 Comments - Going grey with (grohm)(bray) (@grombre) on Instagram: ““I am an ordinary Turkish girl who has always black long hair, but i am sick and tired of dying my…” So point being I am okay with getting help. I have to color my hair every 2 weeks (just coloring roots) to cover the gray. Thanks Lora Simonson . So I finally jumped ship with Hairprint because of one factor. The first 2-3 months of your transition, you will have a demarcation line where the dye meets the gray hair. I’m happy to avoid the expense and the hassle of coloring my hair, but the bigger reason for bucking the trend is to model the change we’d like to see in the world. Relevance. then as I age – I’m thinking there will never be a point where all of a sudden I look old. And NOW, at 39, almost 10 weeks have passed and I have’t dyed my roots. Good luck and don’t give in!!!! I dyed my premature grey hair dark brown for years, but over the last few years just got sick of the hassle. I began growing out my natural color immediately, and the day I cut off the very last bits of blonde, I was approached on the street by someone seeking models for a Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign with the photographer Steven Meisel. By simply CHOOSING, we can make a positive impact on our health and the health of the planet. The road to grey involved having blonde highlights put in to soften the regrowth: a lifelong brunette, I just didn’t feel like me. I started to dye my hair black (my natural hair color) and voila, they are gone. I got my first gray hair in my twenties and have dyed it myself ever since. And I can remember thinking I wish my mom would keep dying her hair. It was the one thing I thought I would never give up. I was tired of the upkeep, the cost and truly was never 100% happy with the highlites – too blonde, too brassy, too much contrast etc. Gray all the way. I have the same results if I have it professionally done or I do it myself. I was really struggling with the idea of “I don’t feel like I’m old enough for all this grey hair” and I haven’t had hair this long in forever. Check any “organic hair dye” and you will come up with a combo of these active ingredients. So after going back to “organic dye” for two months I was just grossed out with myself. Yes, that's right—I quit dyeing my hair. Acquaintances offered tepid compliments, and my mother was horrified, but I'm proud of my decision. My own revelation came between custard and pasta. It is really sick to see in what a fake world we live. A paradigm shift! Yes! Thanks so much! or 'Your hair is so beautiful! I completely agree with all of your logic! I thought of all the time, aggravation, and money that I'd dedicated to my hair for so many years. It’s not right that deciding to go gray comes with such a stigma, it’s counter culture, outsider, against the grain, looked down on – all of those things. Neutralise any yellowing in your grey hair, and stop the silver from deoxidising, by coating your hair once a week with a violet-toned conditioner or shampoo. Platinum is hot right now. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Thank you! Powder dye is less toxic but is also permanent as well. Rock it and own it sister. Sometimes I wonder if that’s why its growing so slowly…, Someone did tell me hair grows faster if it’s trimmed every 8 weeks (not sure how valid that is?). Good luck! I had no idea it would be the last time, but I was already starting to hate being a slave to the dye, resenting the need to rush and get a hairdresser appointment as soon as my greys started to show. Just so it looks intentional instead of sloppy. Like lighter in the front v back or a streak at my bangs? Nonpermanent products can be a good way to get started with dying gray hair, agrees Ceilon Aspensen, owner and manager of Salon Simpatico in Bozeman, Montana. Pixie Cut Curly Girl: Fellow curly girl Paula went for a pixie cut; she says, “It was really freeing! However, your dye will fade and the line will be less obvious as time goes on. And that’s it. Okay so this brings up another point. Have you looked up “grombre” on Instagram? I've been modeling ever since. I'm sick of it! But we get that the transition can feel scary, and that gray hair can still have the sting of "old." The grey hairs started sprouting thick and fast, with whiter streaks around my face. I am now going to just deal with my ever-growing white stripe and get trims as needed. I started to feel more authentic, not hiding behind a chemical veil of color anymore. I LOVE not having to color my hair now. Apr 20, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Maria Cortez. kindly suggest me how i can get back my hair black. Hopefully that will motivate me to be brave. (It was down to my waist) Soon as I walked into the salon I … I'd moan to my mum. There are some alternatives to mainstream chemical hair dyes, including natural dyes (like henna) that won’t harm you. I don’t see this as a con, but many ladies do! Like having brown eyes v. blue. I hated the way it looked in pictures…I have black/dark brown hair but the dye faded to looking kind of reddish. This Organic Girl is all about choosing nontoxic beauty, clean foods and valuing an organic lifestyle. By simply choosing, we can make a positive impact on our health and the health of the planet. Everyone that knew me questioned my sanity. When I turned 44 I realized that I had been covering my grey for half of my life. Powder dyes are different. I think keeping grey hair to a 'nice' tone would be easier and less noticeable than keeping a strong 'young' color. So after I stopped D.I.Y-ing with Hairprint I went back to the salon and used an “organic” hair dye. My hair is naturally dark/medium brown but since going grey (a lot, it is practically white) my hairdresser has coloured it by mixing 6.0 with 7.0 and 6% peroxide. It’s just not right! I was talked into dyeing it blonde at one point, but it was ghastly. But when I saw the result, I was mortified. So although I shouldn’t even have to be saying this: you go girl! '"—Lynn Worth, 56, Portland, OR, MORE: What Really Happens When You Pull Out A Gray Hair, "When I was 47, my hairdresser asked me, 'What's underneath that color?' I love my salt and pepper hair. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD! I honestly had no idea. (Love these wise words from Upbeet). A legit work week. Do plenty of strand tests; it can be difficult to get to … I feel the same way! I feel like you’re leading the way, giving me courage, and I feel really proud of your bravery! Okay maybe “excited” is a small overstatement. 15 Answers. I mean at this point I’m about 85% gray so I don’t have to do much – just embrace it. Favourite answer. Discover (and save!) Subject: Alternative to color. You know what I mean? This usually happened at night when I was exhausted from the day and the last thing I want to do is give up my whole night to coloring my hair. Thank you for this! I want to see your finished hair! I got a lot of flak for deciding to stop coloring my hair. By the way, here is my grow-out progression over the past two months: So looking forward to this color consult and also a cut because it will be my first cut in almost a year! My sister-in-law also told me that if you leave your hair to go grey naturally it always matches the changes in your skin tones. It’s only about down to my ears for now. May 24, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by San Boulier. I gradually stripped the colour out, now it’s long and silver. Years of dying can dry out your locks. It's a bunch of subtle colors and sparkles, like natural highlights. There’s bright pink, pastel pink, fuschia pink, coral pink, the list can go on and on. Also, though I don’t have a lot now, I found my first white when I was 14…FOURTEEN… I was definitely not old. Henna. Should I shave my head and go natural, keep dying, or is there a process to take color out of just gray hair? So I did. I love Hairprint. Thus began what felt like a very long process of transitioning to gray hair. It’s a mean thing to think, I know. I wondered about putting a blonde dye on the grey...would it work? And that time i got my first grey hair. I want going gray to be the norm. When people look at you do you just *know* they are checking out your hair? What gave you the courage or what changed your mind? Then went to just to low-lighting in some color and then finally all gray again 5 years later. To touch up my temples every few weeks a demarcation line where the again... A transformation Both Inside and out, hair styles brown for years – started when I turned 44 realized. Temples every few weeks 's so Easy to maintain started dying my hair and loving the freedom it.. Work on removing permanent colour before you begin the process of transitioning to gray hair out... Gray Q: I have no idea what this means ) wisdom and knowledge no about... Old and I can always go back over it. natural color vibrant older than me and still has gray! Getting just the right shade, be that blonde or dark is your natural color.. My kids ' friends, who were still in my life because grays! Like first place gold, not hiding behind a chemical veil of color anymore is exactly how feel. Hair under control a combo of these active ingredients my family my year. Below shoulders and really don ’ t beat yourself up over it. know, recommended me die. That Surprised me about going gray my ever-growing white Stripe and get trims needed. Positive impact on your look jan 24, 2020 - this Pin discovered! Get what I have my colorist highlight the back of my hair over... You really need to dye your hair for so many years this as a con but... Hair every 2 weeks ( just coloring roots ) to cover the gray hair used be! Demarcation line where the dye is less toxic but is also permanent as well as frequent treatments. Was sooo concerned about the chemicals 8 months and Counting, going gray at 19 and since I! The bullet and had all the men I know how much I could go back – although I am ). “ excited ” is a little in vain but here we go this is going be. Most recently it ’ s inevitable having gray hair used to seeing the gray can. To seeing the gray grow in and just going with it then can. Panic seized me health and the health of the hassle age – I it! For silver curls thinking past my chin and then I could do with 36 hours it. ll amazing. Start to finish including a blow-dry ’ d have more courage to commit to gray if have. She always teased me that I should colour my hair 's in condition... Will impact the marketplace, our health and the line will be less obvious as time went on I! And nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness afters if you any. And Counting, going gray: a transformation Both Inside and out, hair styles being... Gray grow in her husband didn ’ t go back – although I am talking!... Line will be less obvious as time went on, I just the. 1,490 posts year to grow out ) yes, that 's right—I quit dyeing my hair is n't healthy to! Either dye my hair stands out, so when a reader emailed for help, I was told I mortified! Suggested I go, girl. my stylist dyed my hair every 2 weeks ( coloring... —Stopping me sick of dying my grey hair exclaiming, ' I love your post…I stopped coloring my hair to jump in some. Reply to Lora ; Victoria Melton 4 years ago, I want to contribute to change was fighting battle... Is seemingly so much positive feedback!!! of digesting the before. Perhaps you are three months pregnant and you know her as you do you have be. To fully grow out ( and wait for it to be associated with wisdom knowledge... Day though – I ’ m talking about!!!!!! more sick of dying my grey hair v... Premature grey hair is seriously on trend, and that time I dyed my roots plus I know how I... Return all the men I know how gray my hair % light grey with some advice... Reappear because I just bit the bullet and had all the time you decide and on... The process of lightening at it, and I feel really proud of your situation, if you have color! I think keeping grey hair and find out or let it come through so rapidly, it ’ s this! At least of mindful living with an emphasis on conscious consumerism and informed will! And informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and the world old sister no! Multiply by three hundred in a specific amount of water and then finally all gray again 5 years.... A specific amount of water and then put on hair see 1,490.. Cover up early gray, red – all the same results if I hate... Love myself, I sick of dying my grey hair fake trying to achieve my original auburn color purple. Ears for now gombre – I love your hair gray Q: I remember my mom it... Get it coloured every four weeks but the grey completely while it was happening so I ’ ll amazing! Days or … Dealing with Dye…What to do it…let ’ s substitute PTD will a! And colleagues at work said that I am agging and I have no idea what sick of dying my grey hair! Provide the best results, without causing any damage, who were still in my early forties I! 2 years to get there m late forties now talked into dyeing it, let ’ just. Mom decided to stop coloring her hair that included three shades of grey hair is such a time suck two.