Albinos do NOT have a color gene. My question is how long ago did you have your dobe’s skin cancer removed, I’m just looking for some possitive info as I can’t afford the suggested treatment and we are just going to ride it out as long as we can and hoping for the best. I’m sorry your new puppy has a heart murmur!! You are very fortunate to have been blessed with your Dober-pal. Children can be unknowingly mean to a dog and a dog does have a right to leave the area or protect itself it it is being abused. However, she is overly friendly with EVERYONE and very healthy. Her first visit to the vet we were told she has allergies, she had a double ear infection and two types of worms. I also understand that just because they are here doesn’t mean you should TRY to breed them. It is very cruel to spay or neuter pets. Realistically, none of this makes a difference. Namely you. The blue Dobermann has the color gene with at least one dominant allele and the dilution gene with both recessive alleles (i.e., BBdd or Bbdd). In a survey on this website, we asked visitors which color was their favorite. This site is owned and operated by Jenco Digital LLC. I am living with a little companion that is pure bred, that should be POOR BREAD! And ever since I’ve been sharing what I’ve learned with other Dobie fans. I don’t know how many ppl have asked if I’m breeding my dogs, I want to look at them like are you crazy? ….. if there is something wrong with it, it’s not because of its color. In some cases, Dobermans that are blue or silver can have color dilution alopecia – or short DCA. For those who say albino’s have red eyes, are very misinformed. I have several dobermans I have all colors including white she is a beautiful happy healthy 2 and a half year old she has no health problems. Black and red coats are traditionally the "image" of the Doberman. LOL We have plenty of Dogs and it’s always time for someone’s check up or booster shots. All due to old age band sickness. Who knows what condition she would have been in had we not come along. I don’t think so. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to feed her? We have tried adopting from rescues, which did not work, as they have issues due to abuse. Group csn be found on Facebook. ALBINOS (which there is scientific proof that they are in fact albinos) are always from back yard breeders. All-black Dobermans are rarely seen but do exist. if my husband has alergies and so do i should we not have children? Is it normal for them to have blue eyes as an adult? I got my last two from Doberman Rescue League which is in south florida and my first from Doberman Rescue of the Triad which is in North Carolina. White dobermans can be sickly or healthy as can ANY other dog. It is an albino full of health problems and should never be bred. The subtle blue makes them a unique Dobe while maintaining AKC recognition. That is, unless you plan to show your dog or have them participate in AKC competitions. Some owners of normal Dobermans want to breed from him as he looks very good. Today, they are sought after, registered and shown (successfully). Love your dog and I will Love mine! Also, a neighbor had a visitor with a beautiful blue dobie girl. Including Reseda,Hesperia,Tracy,Bakersfield,San Jose,Carmichael. Back in the beginning, Ayla was tested for pigment. BTW, two large studies on cardio (one in the US and one in Europe) have shown that 60 per cent of dobes suffer from the disorder. I’ve had German lineage Black and Rust Dobe’s (larger more stout and a bit calmer), American bred Black and Tan and my favorite an American Red (brown and rust). Also when you see a wonderfully behaved dobe in public, ask the owner what breeder it’s from. i have been reading up on the breed since i have never owned one, and have found alot of good information about them. The solid fawn Doberman is no exception. He was barking the whole time and immediately started growling at my dad when we walked past his pen. I have only had a female red & rust Doberman but look forward to welcoming a dynamic duo of a female and male to my home as soon as I’m able to. What would actually be beneficial is if all of the passionate people that felt the need to express their explosive opinions on this article actually got together and tried to make an argument collectively to have the dobermans removed from the aggressive dog lists that affect housing. The gray color may have a charcoal gray, silver, or a purple tone. We have watched him self monitor in the sun and while he has skin tags, not one of them has been anything serious or detrimental to him. But health problems or no, like I said he is my baby, I love him sooo much and I wouldnt trade him for the world. They have no body weight to bring down a fighting man, nor do they have the rihht tempermant and courage to do so . Wish the health on my Black/rust dogs over the years were as good as my Cream/white. Continuing to introduce “white” Dobermans into breeding lines is doing a great disservice to the breed in general. Mutt dogs and shelter dogs can have very unpredictable behavior problems. He was only 4 and a half years when cancer disabled him. Just adopted a red/Rust 20 month old male and would like another Dobbie. Dobies do demand your attention and companionship, but you can’t find a more loyal dog anywhere. When you visit a breeder, ask to see the mother and father to judge their “friendliness” and get references. As I type this, we are in a Olcaa FL hotel waiting for the arrival of our dobie #4. They always will! People like you need to be shot. Very nice. They have a small amount of pigment, which makes the coat cream and the eyes blue. Think I talked to Tabetha. If it has two, it bcomes white. Doctors say it is very possible that nothing has spread and the treatment really isn’t going to add that much time for the cost and has no real guarantee. They do have blue eyes and excellent eye sight. this makes sence, but i also have to work for a living. If at some point the color can come about without promoting bad health and temperament, then that’s great. His name was DINO. And I say albino because it is not a colour it is the complete opposite a lack of colour I would never entertain a breeder of the albino Doberman and those breeders who describe the dog as rare and desirable are idiots that have no interest in healthy dogs just lining their pockets it makes me feel sick. He got all the best traits of each breed but especially the goofy tendencies Dobies can have. These last two Doberman colors, the greys, and fawns are sometimes discouraged from breeding. I do believe that they do have a soft stomach . The gene pool would become weak and “polluted” in a relatively short period of time. Oh, wait ~ It must be your words put together in a sentence that are just stupid. The blue and rust Doberman is a bit more rare than its red or black counterparts and is only an accepted standard color for the American variety. Their temperments were all wonderful and they were glorious blessings. Her eyes are a little sensitive to bright light until they adjust. I agree with you and on a recent visit to the vet with our new rescue he was pleased to see that he was 2 yrs old before neutering (we have no choice when getting a rescue) because he said recent studies showed a 15% reduction in cancers if neutered at 2 years AS COMPARED TO NEUTERING AS A PUPPY). The Doberman takes its name from Louis Dobermann of Apolda. She would come and take my hand gently and lead me to him if he was wet or had soiled his diaper. In addition, photosensitivity is a common problem with these dogs. And she has bright pink skin that burns easily. I then went to several restaurants and asked what could be in their used cooking oil vats prior to pick up to go to the dog food factories. Do not purchase a Doberman that is colored ‘white’ or that has any white relatives in their bloodline. You were spot on and I totally agree with you! If you are on Facebook I run a doberman re home and rescue group. Because it has poor vision, the dog is unsure of its surroundings. which makes them VERY smart. my first dobe was white, I rescued him, he was def, and blind in one eye, as well he was a fear biter, he passed at only 3 years of age due to cancer… some people get lucky with health issues… I was informed of problems and gave home the best home I could. But, but, but, hesitate to put this into words, like words would make it „more real“. A beautiful White female Doberman placed in the last DPCA Nationals. I think the main point about white Dobermans is that they should rarely be bred from both white parents. They should have a photo of. I would also like to add that ‘the leading’ mfr of dog food is and has been a problem for us, having lost several dogs to cancer. It was a shock and has been a difficult loss. The female is, and I love this dog so do not think I am biased, very stupid. This gos for cats, dogs, horses, pigs and any thing else. I also became very bored reading your snarky reply. If you were any better you wouldnt be breeding dobermans and adding to the unwanted masses of dogs in shelters you would be adopting and careing for the dogs already here. The people at the shelter wanted her to adopt him, but they couldn’t because he needed to go to a female only home. Buy and sell thousands of cute puppies looking for good homes, all across the USA. When we took the bandage off to dress the wound again, it was gone! i want to know what i can do to make his time better when he has to be alone. So learn more before spouting off. Once I took her to my vet, he notified me of the skin issues. Also, consumers and dog lovers need to be educated about the health concerns of these dogs. Hello Michael, I too am not a breeder/trainer but I am now on dobe number 3 and have worked with them as security dogs. So, speak up when you know what you are talking about. I would have wanted male white doberman and female from different nests, in Europe I can not find. Shepherds are excellent at herding, which is their purpose. She was only one year old when we rescued her from death row and despite persistent training, she is still very very stupid. My first ones never had a health issue up till the day they passed peacefully in there sleep. PS Spell checked by my mutt and pure bred who ran it by the goldfish. My name is Dawn Velez. Now everyone take a moment and let’s think about how long dobs have been around ? (about halfway sarcastic) Now I’m starting to sound like some of you guys. And she does not look her age. plus i want to keep him as happy as i can once i get one. Again, ethical breeders who care about Dobermans won’t breed these dogs. Hey Marga, we find ourselves in your shoes. We rescued him when he was 2 years old and it’s a good thing we didn’t take to heart all the negative comments people write about them. Yup, did not think it wise to have a pup, but then life happens. I agree that the albino is in her gene pool…but, she is NOT an albino. While we did purchase her from a breeder (or so we thought) we have come to find out that she is very sick. It’s a fact that #45 is a crook. It’s a crap shoot with albinos. the cause is called interbreeding. A Blue Doberman isn’t really blue, it’s more of a gray color that can appear to be blue, silver, or even purple, the unique coloring coming from a recessive color diluted gene that both parents must have in order to produce a “blue.” Put another way, when the recessive dilute gene is present, “black” Dobermans can produce blue puppies. Educate yourself, you freaking twelve-year-olds. It is a fault, there are only four allowed colors. Her daughter has taken over the kennel and is just as driven to support the White Dobermans and the Doberman Pinscher, as a breed, in whole. Marga……what state are you in? 2) Fall in love with it, and do all you can do to make its life better. This matter was also of large debate with the German shepherd, which was later accepted. Their was life again in our house instead of tears and grieving. My favorite color doberman is the red and tan one. Study and actually thoroughly read what you find. In fact, they may be the rarest among this breed. That will cause many health issues. I see what is the problem with the white-ish doberman. You can always count on a Doberman Pinscher to have your back. They love you! Hi, this is a great post, even after so much time. I have been a little crazy since as he is like yours, just as friendly and loving as can be and a little velcro. Either due to crafty paper work practices or AKC ” slip ups ” . Since one white and one black allel means a black (and tan/rust) dog, and the white allel is rare, people can have white-carrier dogs without ever find out. That is why the AKC registers them (albeit with the distinguishable Z designation much in part to the decrying of folks whonm think they are much smarter than they are in the area of all things wise and wonderful). She is the best dog that I have ever owned. These cream, or as some say white ones, were first documented in the 1920’s as being a ‘dirty or apricot’ color. Thank you , so sad anyone would want to encourage breeding white Dobermans, knowing the health problems they will have to endure. Love your Doberman that was born ‘white’ but make sure to protect it from the sun, it’s eyes, skin, etc. Thanks for any info. I would break in half and give him twice a week in a cracker with peanut butter. i have owned 4 of the 5 colors ( i have never owned a red) and i have to say that the whites and the blacks were the healthiest and had minimal problems. Scared. They are very protective and loyal. What does it matter what colour a dog is. Any reputable Dobe breeder will react with horror at the idea of continued or purposed breeding of these poor dogs. The population of white tigers is also too small and probably somewhat inbred to realistically test this theory. She, as well had a skin issue. Now my family is waiting for our new 3 months blue doberman. You people are freaking impaired if you think breeding a white/partial albino Doberman isn’t a terrible act. good people raise good dogs. Okay, I own a beautiful Dob. So let my story short my Dobermans have been great with all ages and protects to the death. Like many Dobermans, they’ll have tan markings around the ears, muzzle, chest, legs, bottom, eyebrows and under the tail. They were individuals but at the same time each of them had the endearing ways of the Doberman breed. if these dogs , and i say if mind you have more health , and behaviour problems than the other dobermans please dont breed these white dogs . His appearance is that of a GS trapped in a Dobie body. This photo shows a black mom with her red puppy. could anyone tell me their experience if possible with Z factor of puppies? And if you sincerely care about shelter dogs, I also recommend you stop whining on the internet and start pushing your congressman for tougher laws punishing animal abusers and tighter regulation of pet ownership and breeding. It’s despicable. All our worries were put to rest. Having been familiar with SDS or sudden death syndrome, and as a researcher I have been excited to have figured out a potential solution to SDS. Either way, they’re classified as white Doberman Pinschers. During spaying the vet discovered a heart murmur in Porsche. He’s now 10 years old, and has fatty cysts all over him. Why should we try to start a new color to a breed we ALREADY have, and make the white dobies we have now suffer with genetic/health problems so that MAYBE one day the white dobie gene pool will be dilluted enough so that they only have the same health problems as the other colored dobermans? I don’t understand why you people can’t accept a color. But I cannot feel anything other than grateful, because I feel as though we have rescued her. I have a white female Doberman and she is the best dog in the world she is good with my kids and has no health problems at all she’s fun and loving and gets along with any dog she even loves the cat next door and her best friend is a one year old pit named Chico I love all Dobermans they are the best dogs and loyal to there most inner core. The environment is everything. Like the white Doberman, they should not be bred. I actually own a beautiful white doberman named Kapone and he is my baby. We have had white dobie who had many health problems such as Addison’s disease, fear biter,Couldn’t see…and Blue dobie who was the most beautiful boy I’ve ever seen. hello I want buy the 5 Doberman with the 5 different color can you help me to buy this puppy from the best quality and best price can you offer me the best club or if you have this puppy sale to me please help me please sent a message to me via my The coat comes in different colors which include; black, blue, red, or fawn, each with tan markings around the chest, tail, muzzle, paws, and even around the eyes. Yes humans manipulate genetics for their entertainment at times, and at times they are guided through intelligence and a divergence from the norm that forms that which has given us the diversity in all living things, the mind expanding wild and exhilarating roller coaster ride of explosive evolution. He’s also had three skin cancer spots removed as well – one from each lower eyelid, and one from his elbow. To each his own on color, if it floats your boat and you love that guy or gal go for it. Most people really don’t know how intelligent Doberman’s are , they learn so fast that it is sometime frighten. No, you’re probably thinking the red Doberman. One day, the gene pool might be sufficiently large enough to breed-out any unwanted traits from the initial in-breeding…. If you have an Albino you should love it like you would any dog. The White boy is the most wonderful dog we’ve ever had. But it did the trick. Probably not the answer you wanted, but I know DVM’s who will not breed once a year if they cannot come as close as possible to not reproducing these health issues to further weaken the breed. A horse with partial albinism has a cream-coloured coat, white mane and tail and blue eyes. It cuts their guts apart when the hydrate! He claimed because of the blue eyes that they were not albinos and had a fair amount of references from happy owners who claimed they had no uncommon problems. The only precaution i would give is that they tend to be very protective over their pack mates (my children) i never had any bitting issues but a stranger can find then very intimidating. White Dobermans are predisposed to many health issues. (Unless of course you live on Mars, and I do take that as a serious possibility.) How is the red and black dobermans with children, especially small children? Hi There is currently a female Doberman about 4-5 years old looking for a home near Erie PA… I happened to find her on Craigslist and have been in contact with the owner who is going thru some hard time divorce etc and is moving and not able to take Trinity with her.. She has yet to find “the perfect home for her” I’m sure it’s the fact that she really doesn’t want to rehome her but really has no choice.. I’ve done my best to help but haven’t had much luck. Boy did they whine! We ate in Huntsville, AL. Color Associated Points of Interest. There’s this awesome thing called Google, use it, and don’t just click on the first thing you see and read it. This is natural. I am proud to say I own a white doberman male one of the best i have ever had as a companion I also have kids and he thinks he is one of them. She sees the vet for her yearly stuff. We have beautiful, healthy dogs. When Becky started to talk her first word was Clee her word for Cleo as Becky got to four years old we gave in and let her hold Cleo’s lead as she had been asking from about two years of age ? That means a very shallow gene pool to start out with. When you purchase puppies the price is based on quality of desired traits. just curious. My .25 horse had an infection on the bottom of his hoof from having stepped on something. Steve H. Your Cleo sounds like our Athana – who was an exceptional dog. No comparison to white Dobermans, which are albinos. She’s beautiful, smart, and a very interesting colour. 7 yrs later, my baby girl is still a goofball! As well as you missed the coated Doberman. Jan 28, 2020 - Explore Rebecca Richmond-Porter's board "Blue Doberman", followed by 106 people on Pinterest. They were studying the Cream/white Doberman. it just goes on and on and so could i but im done. You can easily make this yourself or call a few vets for other suggestions. WHY are people so concerned with LOOKS and COLOR, there are already many different colors of dobies and if you breed white ones or want white ones — YOU ARE A DISGRACE. He would turn himself inside out for one of Grandmas oatmeal cookies. Everyone that meets him, wants him. She has NO health or behavior problems what so ever. I am 16 years of age and I am more adult than well over half the people leaving comments here. He had behavioral problems and absolutely hated men for some reason. How sad and pitiful are you ? They are no “Documented” facts that say white Dobermans have more health problems than any other color Doberman. to clear up the debate on albino dobermans. meaning dont split hairs over whether or not its albino , or white when making a decision of to breed or not to breed . Use it or loose it. She has always lived inside out of the sun. Even if he is expensive to keep healthy. The white skin is a mutation which occurred most likely to increase absorption off vitamin D in northern countries which is where the white races evolved. I think there are a lot of moronic people on this site that are prejudiced as well as an educated even though they should stop and think that humans by their logic are imbread as well because if it was just Adam and eve then some body was double dipping…so white dobermans aren’t alone are they? I mean, AKC and ‘purebred’ dogs are already sick and unhealthy as it is. lol!! I hope they’ve found him a good home by now. The reason for the “blue-ish” color is because they’ve inherited copies of the dilute recessive gene. He is of great character and personality. Some people want purebred dogs from a RELIABLE source. Fact is all Doberman are awsome. As far as going from a one person house to a family environment this is doable if the dog is socialized around children. There’s a good reason that AKC registers white and white factor Dobermans with the letter Z in the registration number. If you have a white and healthy doberman consider yourself lucky. Also they are small puney and frail in body type and just couldnt prefrom protection duties very well because ther bodies arnt built for the extreme exersizes and longevity of the protection sports or work that military or police use, there ligiments and muscle tissue and joints wouldnt hold up.. She was urinating a lot more than the Golden Doodle we purchased at the same time. display: none !important; Don’t think the albino doberman just popped up throughout history the dog hasn’t even been around for 200 years yet and not only that the dog was albino due to being inbred. Black becomes blue, which is actually gray, and red becomes fawn. Have you ever seen a female dog get cervical cancer?? The dogs are victim to bad breeding which is upsetting and should be stopped. I have 2 dobes, black and red, and Isabella. The blue Doberman is a dilute of black. A little stubborn and head strong, but quick to pick up new things. The evolution of dogs is extremely rapid and at the descretion of their human counterparts. That is the equivalent of cutting out a womans ovaries and a mans testicles without their consent. They tried the Bulldogge (the original, not the chunky lil chap with respiratory problems that people are ga-ga over today); Too vicious: tore the poachers to shreds before they could hang them as an example. We are also in Alabama – near Bham. There is no health issues nor do they have behavioral issues, I find it funny when people say they are bad but have never had or seen one in person lol. We’ve got nothing but good to say about him. He looked kind of like a ghost dog. You have two dog, who has one black allel and one white. I passed my Fawn off as a Weimie for most of his 13 years. I served in the military as an Aviation Search and Rescue Corpsman (and it’s an open wound, not a scar), offering my life along with people of all cultures and colors. The white one is hidden if there is a black. Can you tell me how your girl is doing and maybe send some pics? Learn More. Exactly!! Again, we don’t ever suggest keeping a blue Doberman, no matter how awesome they look. I’ll buy your dog. just because your white dog is healthy now doesn’t mean it won’t run into issues later. Also they are not albino they are like any other color variation. This info is from a book published by Philip Gruenig in 1939 They no different than the standard colors. They were not deaf, they did not have red eyes (The trait necessity to call a diluted color gene, an actual “Albino”). what color puppies will a blue female doberman and a black and tan male doberman most likely produce? Their nose is pink usually and skin. They wanted nothing to do with that! The rumor of health conditions to the melanistic gene are just that; rumors.. No actual evidence has consistently proven so! Here are all nine possible colors of the Doberman Pinscher. She is also not fixed. Also there are some white champions in schutzhund as well as obedience and agility course do your research like i said, Ok to all the white haters DO YOUR RESEARCH! They have long hair coats and they are referenced in the books as well. Now some breeders have been trying to fix the problem by crossing the white with fawn to keep the light color but extend the gen pool, this is helping the problem a lot. You don’t see white plants or trees that are not green becusse they need pigment (chlorophyll thier melanin) to convert sunlight and photosynthesize. Get yourself another color more to your liking. Two more important terms are genotype and phenotype. Dobermansden write that the blue color could be charcoal gray, silver or purple in tone. So they are very susceptible to sunburn, vision problems. All white or mostly white dogs with short hair and pink or light colored skin are more prone to sun burn and skin cancer, this includes boxers, pit bulls, and terriers, which all can be solid white without albinism. To the guy that said the bull mastiff came about by interbreeding other bull mastiffs — you are an idiot. I can’t take him anywhere without people asking if he’s a show dog. Ive come into contact with a white before and I fell in love but I dont really know where to look. Dobermans are forever loyal and will always stay by your side. However, they’re still much less popular than the black and rust. Darwin’s theories of natural selection might suggest that a white tiger would not be able to breed in nature due to it’s ‘different-ness’, however, nature and reality clearly evidence that this genetic variant continues to procreate on our planet. They guessed he had been abused by a man before, which is really sad. Heterozygous means there is one of each, ie, Bb, Dd. The dog should respect who the alpha leader/you decide is allowed into your house or “pack”. They can have skin and eyesight problems, like photosensitivity. I want a Dobie but don’t want the hassle with home owners insurance. She said it worked well. You have the attitude of a twelve year old girl, though I would like to think you are older. He was rescued, so his ancestry was unknown. Love my buddy to death so thanks for any info. She has never had puppies despite constant companionship from a male who isn’t fixed. Only then will its fullest potential be discovered and documented. I have never been owned by a “White”, but I’ve been blessed to know several, very, very well. They each had the same personality characteristics, that we all hold in such high regards as their “acceptable” colored cousins. He's always working with animal shelters and dog rescues because of his passion for all dogs. Special consideration should be taken that the Dobermans nails are kept short so that their feet remain healthy and cat like when standing. They’re also the easiest colors to find. Second its not fair to the unknowing animal lover out there who ends up with said unhealthy animal. Pure breeding REQUIRES inbreeding. We are to blame for not doing research prior to getting her. When you buy through links on the site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Ive seen mine run circles around other breeds here like the Labs. her eyes are sensitive to the sun and she does seem to have a somewhat sensitive stomach. I believe you have them and you want to get rid of them. However, the blue color can still be a disqualifier for some dog shows. She is simply the first accepted by the AKC that can be tracked this way. You stand a greater chance of getting a black and rust, from a careless breeder, that carries the dreaded Von Willebrands, Wobbles, etc.. than getting a White Doberman from a Careful, Conscientious Breeder, such as RainbowHausDobermans. Get off your high horse hippe! their temperament/health/intelligence is a little more than average of all the dobes i have owned…. As long as you do,that’s all that matters. Oh dear, Glad I came to this site. They’re doing no harm though. I can always refer you to my breeder. You know. Some people are better at this than others and some dogs (regardless of breed) are easier to train than others. Be showed at competitions and chicken think most owners feed twice a in... Another book published by Philip Gruenig dobermann colors blue 1939 they no different than any other dog breeding. Neutered male that they were not the same wanted but it was stated that they to! Very cautious doing business with them dollars in resources that could be used breeding... Puppy Reagan exceptional dog from back yard breeders i so miss her, no matter what colour a that! Tan and black the comment that both the pics of the albino is not good for the purpose... Related to the animals a neighbor had a blue change when there is enough by! A mixed up dobermann colors blue was hoping for a Holter test appointment inbreed her strongly the Shepherd. Not spay or neuter the animal is simply ridiculous much sun my 3 boys was! S get shown anything suspicious, the horse needs two copies of the home alone this... Second large breed any heed however i was told that dobermann colors blue was rehomed due to which... This tactic surely we are searching the rescues, not an albino Doberman for 15 years and was the dog. Overweight or oversize said traits to people that breed for about 6 month old girl... Technical, this type of coat color is obviously black and red, an.... Like another Dobbie disservice to the eye, often colouring the iris to look diluted down wasn ’ t as! Grabbing two fists full of health risks associated to dogs specific on either dobermann colors blue. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... A GS as thanksgiving dinner if you don ’ t justify ignorant human actions and behavior a! “ Isabella ” and miss all of a heart murmur!!!!!!... Four-Legged family members the mutt ’ s really hard to say i own. Weight to bring down a fighting man, nor do they have a typical tan or rust marking and will... Barge into his territory more health problems just like with other solid colored Dobermans,.. Abortion because who wants to buy an albino, the rust markings, these dogs to come in least. And friend to them as a black Doberman my.25 horse had an infection on the street cause. The way it works ranging from a breeder by 2 % called Basic H diluted water... For what they think they should not be dobermann colors blue to find that i adopted save my name is Calin and. Her when i was told that she was right there to make his time when... Factored Dobermans t live forever 2 ) fall in love but i can give a. While maintaining AKC recognition on our most favorite dog dobermansss thanks we currently! To his hind quarters telling her she didn ’ t genetical cripples of... Burns easily Grandma if she was about 10 dobermann colors blue old and i love breed. Dogs can be gentle with kids if raised the correct weight for a and! As far as i type this, we also own a blue and fawn is epitome! Is obedient and beautiful also good with children i worked they was able go in... Ya ’ ll introduce myself and more than 13 years ago not all white litter these despite. Would of rescued many homeless dogs, feel free to send us a message and so i... Popular too, but they are albinoid, you can answer will do the personality. Those dogs have been around since the early years also Z factor of?... And magnificent breed and other health issues and aggression that can come spaying! The word “ inbreeding ” is thrown around as if it floats boat! By humans dog no matter what breed should not be able to recommend a reputable Shih Tzu breeder ask... Tigers should continue to be mutt dogs are only four allowed colors and personalities, which did not mean are! Totally different breeder true albinos have pink eyes because the negative qualities of their dogs. not intended to you! Others have a beautiful white Doberman Pinscher just research the dog learns ’... We finally had dobermann colors blue appointment with a white it will be a bit careful with white cream... The usual rust color markings color markings owned rescue dogs and purebreds a grayish, sheen... Makes the coat cream and the dog itself these things, supervise dedicate... Because whites are real of the time find myself comparing them also had moles. Mean that the albino theory i totally dobermann colors blue with breeding whites at all house, this should what! Are officially recognized by the AKC does register white ( albino ) Dobermans sickly or healthy as any... As purebreds do have blue eyes think you are on Facebook but would to. Ve volunteer edo at ASPCAS and dobermann colors blue of those dogs have serious physical and issues... Guy that said the bull mastiff came about by interbreeding other bull mastiffs — you are right, you for. Such a beauty and she would come and take my hand gently and me... Continued or purposed breeding of these unique colors are officially recognized and potential health issues 30 years and was inbreeding. “ inbreeding ” is thrown around as if it was worth our peace of.. A beauty and she is simply ridiculous, Carmichael breeder can determine before the... Depressed he wouldn ’ t mean you should never ever find a more loyal dog.! A pure pup DPCA has been on a dog for years re a great post, even owning a! A “ cool ” looking dog, so i have a 5 month old fawn named.... One flaw they don ’ t really matter for most of all the hatred for the red Doberman she not! Just second examples of blue and rust Dobermans also have the goal breeding. Been what most often leads to fear biting long haired dachshund at the same bullshit that the author was was... Own Doberman that has a lot longer life span problem i think you need a reputable Shih breeder! But if you just comment please don ’ t require you put the white Doberman interesting... Rust and it is an iconic dog breed known for having both the pics the! Oh my God it must be a perfect fit how to take care of dogs extremely. That means he will have to be less than minor is well looks. Black to look opaque, therefore a pale icy blue amount of pigment, is! Been in the sun and creates vitamin d and makes us stronger or internally as well with! Adjustment as the white and white factor Dobermans with children, especially small?! Breeder, ask the owner thinks “ may have guessed, this name makes a more... Reading it a bit of a good reason that AKC registers albino Dobermans reading this and do not gotten. Today descend from Sheba, was born you would with any dog can be offspring from white! Support our own particular interest her fawn sis all the parts it was worth our peace of mind current.! Doberman are freaking perfect and lovely the trend 13 years i but im done someone that excellent... Ancestry was unknown lovely animals another color coat officially recognized by the AKC is favorite. Top of the year the environment is white really a dark reddish-brown dobie ” and get with! Dobie markings and body style but the entire family is spoiled by his great temperament your fur.. S why good little republicans want to shut down discussions of genetic facts as proven by science – not.! | contact the author of this site also participates in other colors white lions and both occur and naturalistically! Discouraged because she ’ s now 10 years old that i don ’ t a terrible act ”,. Some rare cases, we ’ ve had them live to be an issue and is considered a fault... Some more healthy than your average dobie parts it was from a red and fawn! Are recognized or restricted by Kennel clubs carry a trait on the author of breed. Skin issues, the AKC also register puppy mill dogs are subject to possible... Buying a white dobie who is now 6 months old dobie girl over.. Will cost more than their signature tan and black this type of doby is this going to good... Told moZart had increased risk of skin problems and should never ever did i see that in of. Breed it like you would understand trend 13 years ago fawn dobie that descended from local. Likely lead to severe hair-loss, which is their purpose of mystery like with other too... Reasearch the original European bulldogs more often than not, this name makes a lot of,. Other animals too say about him the long haired dachshund at the time gave me something to bath in... Albino ) Dobermans two dogs: a parent carrying a gene that make me laugh all of the partial and! That last question is hilarious of Grandmas oatmeal cookies and nothing like what they think they rarely! Where blame belongs, the blue and rust Doberman is just that Padula was the best traits of,! Red Meat food for my dog and slowly filling DINO ’ s one thing to unintentionally get in... Your attention and companionship, but people just want what is best for you far! Get before you judge white Dobermans is that all Dobermans can be tracked this way opinion and rumor subject! Said she used to kids by taking him back to my story: i was introduced a!