Because it’s encrypted, it’s safe in the cloud. The desktop app looks more organized than the iPhone app, where space feels more cramped. Many people use flagged to indicate tasks they intend to work on next, or high priority items that aren’t necessarily due. While testing I tried it on an iPhone, Android phone, and both 12.9” and 11” iPad Pros. However, if you're willing to invest the time in learning OmniFocus and customizing it to suit your needs, it works quite well. ... doing weekly reviews, and much more. What first struck me about OmniFocus for the Web is how familiar it looked. The full subscription plan is available through the iOS and Mac App Store apps, but the web-only plan has to be purchased directly through OmniGroup. The entire purpose of OmniFocus for the Web is to help people who, for any reason, cannot use the Mac or iOS versions during the day or during their work shifts. OmniFocus' plan is to allow people to "link" rather than sync tasks. My primary work machine is a MacBook, so whilst on that device I can use OmniFocus for Mac in lieu of the web version; however, I have several Windows machines I work on regularly, including my Windows machine at home which I use for certain programs that are Windows-only (and for playing computer games occasionally). Still not sure about OmniFocus? A Forecast tab helps you narrow in on tasks that are due soon or overdue. While the former two are full-fledged, the Web client comes as a companion, mostly for people who want to access OmniFocus from their Windows or Linux computers at work. We haven’t yet been given any more than a web interface – there is no REST API, and integration with Zapier is still reliant on the MailDrop service which has limitations. Probably with the growing need, it is like a hunt to find the perfect task management software because everyone has different needs and expectations. 0. Todoist has more options if OmniFocus doesn't meet your needs here. It comes in variants for macOS and iOS, supporting iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad.There will also be a Web client.. The Omni Group’s OmniFocus is a complex to-do application for the Mac, and it’s equally complex in iPhone form. (OmniFocus for the Web … Capterra collects the most comprehensive reviews that will help you learn about software features, value for money and customer support. The sidebar has two sections: the vertical menu to select which area of the application you wish to use, and the secondary area (not available in the inbox) which lets you focus on projects or tags, depending on which view you’re in. So, if OmniFocus offered more collaboration and business features, then the price might be right. You can find plenty that charge around $3 per month for individual use, and you'll pay more like $10 per person per month for more business-oriented apps. The idea is that I can send you a task (with its notes and attachments and due date) and propose that our tasks be linked, and you can choose whether to accept the link or not. Instagram: @rosemary_orchard | Very good. You can create Focus Tabs, for example, which are views of only the tasks you want to see that appear as separate tabs in the app window. Some reviews from around the web about our guide to using OmniFocus the easy way. ... web, and Mac apps that all sync together using their over-the-air-sync. Say you're at work and you know that today you should really focus on Project X and Project Y. The other is to purchase a subscription. has been pivotal to managing my tasks at work where work in a secured location and I must use a Windows PC and cannot bring any outside electronics. All these apps are essentially good until the next point release of the software, which is now in version 3. With this being a first release and Omni Automation – the Omni Group’s cross-platform automation through JavaScript – coming to the OmniFocus apps this year, there is fair reason to hope for positive change in the future. Learn what business users think about OmniFocus. It provides you with a way of accessing your OmniFocus database from virtually any computer with an Internet connection and provides a subset of the functionality of the Mac and iOS apps. OmniFocus for the Web is intended as a companion product; you need either the Mac or iOS version of OmniFocus 3 in order to use it. Background. One thing I don't love about the interface is that you can add so much detail to a task that it's never all within view. The display of third-party trademarks and trade names on this site does not necessarily indicate any affiliation or the endorsement of PCMag. Copyright 2021 MacStories, Inc. All rights reserved. In its current form it has already made my life much easier, allowing me to avoid switching between systems for task management – and as it gains features and depth over the coming years it will become even more powerful and useful, both to myself and many others. Use of the free OmniSync service is a requirement for OmniFocus for the Web; while OmniFocus for iOS and Mac can sync with your own server if you choose, to use the web component you’ll need to sync through OmniSync. Thankfully I don’t work heavily out of the Forecast view, but I do miss my custom perspectives and the Focus feature from the Mac that allows you to select projects or folders and hide everything else. OmniFocus for the Web is a companion to OmniFocus, the professional-grade task management app for Mac and iOS. If you want to get a bundle of all the OmniFocus products – native apps and web version – you can pay $9.99/month or $99.99/year. You can't rearrange the elements in the task detail panel, however, so a certain amount of detail will always be out of view. Now in version 3, OmniFocus is a powerful, albeit pricey, to-do app for Mac and iOS, and a good option as long as you're working solo. That's what Todoist does. It can pick up on more complex natural language, too, such as "ev Fri" and "ev 1st." 1. The subscription gives you the Pro version of OmniFocus for macOS and iOS, as well as access to a new web app. OmniFocus isn't quite as convenient. Forecast View in OmniFocus for the Web (Beta). If you are an OmniFocus nerd but need a tool that can be used cross-platform, check out these 11 alternatives to OmniFocus. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. Keep your data the same on all your devices by using Omni’s free syncing system — or use your own sync server. That way, when it's nearly the end of the day and you don't have time to tackle some major task, you can quickly see if there's anything easy and quick you can knock off your to-do list. Overall rating. Terrible. 25 in-depth OmniFocus reviews and ratings of pros/cons, pricing, features and more. OmniFocus for the Web is aimed at people using a laptop or desktop, not mobile devices. I can log into OmniFocus on any of these and view as well as manage my tasks and projects directly. You might have a folder that contains all your work-related projects, for example, and another one for personal to-dos. OmniFocus for the Web supports the end-to-end encryption available with your OmniSync account, so when you log in you’ll provide your username, password, and your sync phrase. Just like on the Mac, the sidebar here lists your projects according to their hierarchy, complete with icons that indicate project type and the ability to collapse folders. I find the look to also be a little lackluster, however. If you already own OmniFocus on the Mac or iOS and just want to add the web component, it costs $4.99/month or $49.99/year. The web is a ubiquitous platform – it’s everywhere, the framework behind much of what we interact with, and something we nearly always have access to. Both work perfectly well, however, with drag-and-drop supported on both platforms and swiping action in the iOS apps. OmniFocus 3 improves the already-beloved app in nearly every way, and brings with it a public roadmap for improvement that includes long-requested collaboration, automation, and web-access features. I know what project I’m working on, so I open it up in OmniFocus and work through it. Asana is perhaps the best choice for a to-do app if you need to collaborate with other people. For example, you could tag all tasks that require you to make phone calls, so that the next time an opportunity to make phone calls presents itself, you'll be able to find those tasks quickly even if they're in different projects. Compare OmniFocus to alternative Project Management Software. When it does launch, it's unlikely to work similarly to collaboration in other to-do apps. You can open new tabs that show only tasks that meet particular requirements or view everything with an upcoming due date. There’s a button at the bottom of the sidebar which allows you to add all kinds of projects and folders. Write a review. If I add notes explaining why a task must be done by a certain date or how it should get done, I want to see that information as soon as I look at the task itself. ... OmniFocus user reviews. The flagged view is grouped by tags just like on the Mac and iOS, however by default all the tag groups are collapsed which makes it quick and easy to see which groups of flags you have to work on; clicking on a tag heading expands the group, as you would expect. You can't customize the colors or add a background image the way you can with many other to-do apps. – and WWDC is right around the corner next week so … You cannot choose, say, every other week or every first Friday, however, so there are limits. is a leading authority on technology, delivering Labs-based, independent reviews of the latest products and services. Things 3, one of OmniFocus' closest competitors, charges $49.99 for the Mac app, $9.99 for the iPhone app, and $19.99 for the iPad app. Please note that OmniFocus for the Web is not a standalone product: you will need to set up your OmniFocus database using OmniFocus 3 for Mac or OmniFocus 3 for iOS before you can start using the web service, and some features of the native apps (such as the Review perspective) are not currently available on the web. This means that the Project and Tags fields automatically suggest matches based on what you’re typing – and let you create if you need to, and the date fields have both the suggestion buttons for +1 day, +1 week, and +1 month, as well as the traditional calendar drop down. OmniFocus is designed to quickly capture your thoughts and allow you to store, manage, and process them into actionable to-do items. See user ratings and reviews now! Peter writes about the importance of the weekly review and how he uses it to stay on track. It's similar in many ways to Things 3. You can quickly assign a project by using a # or assign a person using +. OmniFocus for the Web is designed to work in tandem with your other versions of OmniFocus, providing access to your OmniFocus database from any desktop computer with a modern internet browser. OmniFocus is the best and the most powerful GTD software that I have used. Explore 52 verified user reviews from people in industries like yours and narrow down your options to make a confident choice for your needs. Screen size was an issue on all but the largest iPad Pro, requiring too much scrolling around to see what you need; the web version is also best optimized for mouse or trackpad input, not touch.