If you answer NO to any of the following questions, you will be immediately redirected to the web page that is needed to complete the application or renewal process. This allows you to know a history of violations, collisions, convictions and all departmental actions you incurred over a period of time, usually up to three years. With over thirty-three employees working in areas of accounting, investigation, public relations, information technology, licensing, and education, we ensure excellence in our profession by exhibiting stewardship, service, innovation and integrity in everything we do. The Medical Licensure Commission attests to the accuracy and timeliness The Commission has a long-standing tradition dating back to January 1st of 1928 of serving the public through the licensing and regulating of our licensees. Additionally, full addresses and birth dates are not provided for First Name. of the data. Search the Alabama Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers & Land Surveyors Database. Professional Licenses are maintained by Alabama Secretary of State which also sets the requirements to receive a Contractor's License. License Type * License Number * Last Name. How Can a Real Estate Professional Help You. They may be requested by anyone who can … Alabama Licensing Board for General Contractors - 2525 Fairlane Drive Montgomery, Alabama 36116 Phone: (334) 272-5030 - Fax: (334) 395-5336 www.genconbd.alabama.gov The official website of the Alabama Department of Insurance. The governing leadership of nine commissioners helps build a broad statewide perspective on everything we do. First Name. Search License Status Verification on the Commission website. To print, click the print button at the bottom of the license detail Results page will appear below the search boxes. Firm Name. The EMS Web Management site allows the public to search for and view provider service and individual license information. First Name. State. Please mail, fax or email to this office a written request with name, license number, and information to which State the verification needs to be mailed. Jurisdiction Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas Delaware District of Columbia Illinois Iowa Kansas Maryland Missouri Montana Nebraska New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico North Carolina North Dakota Oklahoma Oregon Puerto Rico Rhode Island South Carolina Tennessee US Virgin Islands West Virginia Wisconsin Your License To Drive In Alabama Under the laws of Alabama, every person (with some exceptions) must be licensed to operate a motor vehicle upon public streets and roadways. Restrictions. information available through the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners Mailing Address: 100 North Union Street, Suite 724, Montgomery, AL 36130-5040 Licensee Status Lookup . Driver licenses are issued by ALEA. The ABN Subscription Service remains available for Alabama nurses and will include data identifiers unique to the individual nurse, to protect against license fraud. The best way to search is to type in just the last name and leave all other fields blank. Physician extender information: lists CRNPs/CNMs in collaborative practice with physicians and P.A.s/A.A.s registered to physicians. First Name. Employers may request discipline records free of charge; participation also satisfies the Annual Report of Employing Agencies. Advanced Search Policy Related Support: 334-242-5544 or arec@arec.alabama.gov Application Support: 334-242-5544 or arec@arec.alabama.gov If unsure of listing, enter last name only for best result, then press Submit. Help with Search Issues. Information current as of December 31, 2020. Physician Search. security reasons. Search Licensees and Interns. Municipal Business Licenses Not administered by ADOR Search international database on ARELLO website. This will redirect you to the licensure search page. Limited Purpose Schedule II Permit (LPSP). License information, including name, license number, license issue date, license expiration date, medical school, medical school attendance dates. Form to File a Complaint Against a Real Estate Professional, How to Become a Licensed Real Estate Professional. Use these search tools to search for a real estate professional to verify the current status of that person's license or registration. If there are disciplinary actions, you can download a .pdf file of the documents using the, Some information is confidential pursuant to. Please report unlicensed real estate activity to the Commission. NOTE: Do not press Contractor Licenses include information about a professional tradesperson's skills and areas of expertise, as well as legal protections. Alabama Board of Massage Therapy 2777 Zelda Road Montgomery, AL 36106 Free Search. License Type * License Number * Last Name. A licensee list may be obtained on a paper listing or an excel file. Licensee Search. By Alabama law, marriage certificates are unrestricted. Type in the "Filters" section under each heading. Either format is names and addresses only. Data are from the database of the Board of Dental Examiners of Alabama, may be considered the most current information available, and are considered primary source verification. Phone Number . Name : City : Specialty: State . Alabama Board of Examiners for Dietetics and Nutritionists 400 South Union Street Suite 271 Montgomery, AL 36104 334-265-7125 You may also choose to narrow your search by selecting a county from the dropdown list. of Medical Examiners or Medical Licensure Commission: Our licensees submit some data that is not verified by the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners or Medical Licensure Commission, such as specialty and location. Practice type and location (provided by licensee and not certified to be accurate). Sample Alabama License Plate Please report unlicensed real estate activity to the Commission. We do not charge a fee for this service. Name. If you wish to filter your results even more you can: Click on one of the headings to sort by that heading. License Number Name City State; S-53030 #1 SOUTHEAST PLUMBING LLC: OZARK: AL: S-54965: 1 PRIORITY ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES LLC: FORTH WORTH: … NOTE: Advanced Practice Approvals for nurses working on multistate RN licenses issued by states other than Alabama will not be available initially in License LookUp. (Information for marriages prior to August 1936 must be obtained from the probate office in the county where the marriage license was issued.) Printable statement of data accuracy/primary source verification, Copyright 2018 © The Alabama Board of Medical Examiners, Enter licensee last name and first name (or partial name(s)). search considered primary source verification? If you need bulk license data/verification for the State of Alabama, please contact the Board Office for information on requesting a Roster. License Search This verification service provides current data extracted by the Alabama State Board of Social Work Examiners Social Workers (ASBSWE) from its own database. The Medical Licensure Commission is of the opinion that License Number Try searching on License Number only first. You may also choose to narrow your search by selecting a county from the dropdown list. Do NOT enter -E or -S after your number. There are surmountable amounts of jobs and opportunities to choose from in Alabama, here we have arranged a list of major licenses Alabama has to offer. Are You Eligible for a Real Estate License? When purchasing a new or used vehicle, you must use a temporary plate to drive legally. The data in this website is provided by and controlled entirely by the ASBSWE and therefore constitutes a primary source verification of licensure status as authentic as a direct inquiry to the ASBSWE. Individual Lookup Search - Primary Source Verification (Please click on the Print option to view the full license details, including Active Certifications, Controlled Substance for Pharmacists and Training for Technicians.) Alabama Optometry Law: Administrative Code (Regulations) License Application: License Renewal: Continuing Ed Requirements: Complaint Info: Fees: License Verification: Contact Us : Primary Source License Verification. To update your contact information please go to CHANGE OF INFORMATION. Click on the Access as Public button. Do not use name suffixes such as Jr., Sr., etc. The following list is information that is verified by the Alabama Board To check your Alabama driver’s license status, you can request a driving record from the Alabama Department of Public Safety (DPS) Driver License Division. Contact the board office if you do not find the information you are searching for. Click on License Numbers to see additional detail. enter just type in the "Filters" section. Welcome to the Alabama Real Estate Commission. Data obtained from the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners/Medical Licensure Commission Licensee Search is directly from the database of the Medical Licensure Commission, Search international database on ARELLO website. Enter a License or Intern Number only and click Submit. Enter first and last name exactly as listed in our records. License or Intern Number. If you need bulk license data/verification for the State of Alabama, please contact the Board office for information on requesting a Roster. Alabama Electrical Contractors Board 2777 Zelda Road Montgomery, AL 36106 Office: 334-420-7232 Fax: 334-263-6115. License Verification to be Sent to Another State. License Type Select License Type MD DO L PA AA TA SP RA CP ACSC QACSC QACSCNP LPSP Licensure years follow Fiscal Years; thus, licenses expire on October 15 annually. Become a Licensed Real Estate Professional, File a Complaint Against a Real Estate Professional. Last Name. ACSC/QACSC information: whether the licensee holds controlled substances prescribing privileges, certificate number, date issued, date of expiration. Certain ALEA Driver License offices remain closed to public access. Last Name. The Alabama Department of Revenue has launched ALVerify for the sole purpose of permitting license plate issuing officials to determine whether an Alabama driver license or non-driver identification card is valid pursuant to the provisions of Act 2011-688, commonly referred to as the “Online Insurance Verification System Act.” Alabama License Lookup. Law School. Enter licensee last name and first name (or partial name (s)) OR license type and number (not both), check "I am not a robot," and click "search." Permit Verification. The Alabama Center for Health Statistics began filing marriage certificates in August 1936 for marriages that occurred in Alabama. Physical Address: 100 N Union St. Ste 370 Montgomery, AL 36104; Mailing Address: PO Box 304355 Montgomery, AL 36130 Search Alabama chiropractic examiner license status by name, license number, or date of issuance. Use these search tools to search for a real estate professional to verify the current status of that person's license or registration. As always, ALEA is dedicated to serving the citizens of this state, but we must make the health and safety of our customers and our personnel a top priority. Please note: Phone numbers will not be provided on your search. From A-Z we have narrowed down the major licenses the state of Alabama has, you can expand your field from an adjuster license all the way to becoming a plumber. Alabama EMS Web Management takes you to a page which allows public access. 1. Business Privilege License Issued by the County Probate Office or County Licensing Commission 2.  License Status Verification on the Commission website. page. Store License Issued by the County Probate Office or County Licensing Commission 3. If the last name is common, you may want to add a first initial or name. LOOK UP. If you wish to filter your results even more you can: Search "Renewal Date" refers to the date an active license is due to be renewed, or to the date that a license expired. Court Reporters Licenses. Total Records 8280 shown. License: Note: Use X-XXX-TA-XXX or X-XXX format: Last Name: Please note: Doctors with license numbers that contain "-TA-" have therapeutic privileges. Accountancy Rule 30-X-3-.02 (2) states " Each licensee and non-­licensee owner shall notify the Board in writing within thirty (30) days of any change of address and, in the case of individual licensees and non-­licensee owners, change of employment." Licensee Look Up: Search here to find and verify the status of a Licensee License Verification: Purchase an Official License Verification here. To view a list of open offices and those with limited services available via phone, click the link above. The Commission: Empowering, Connecting and Educating the great people of Alabama in all things Real Estate. Alabama License Plate Search All vehicles registered in Alabama require registered plates from the Department of Revenue. Middle Name. Disciplinary action information: license actions are indicated by a "yes" in the row entitled "Public file." Alabama Electrical Contractors Board. Search for Alabama court reporter license status by name, license number, or date of issuance. Then try the other fields if you cannot find what you are looking for. UCC filings for financing statements, new business filings and registrations, and the issuance of trademarks are all managed by the Business Services Division. Licensee Search as primary source verification. If you have additional questions, use one of the methods listed on the. Licensee List. (Please email RCoker@Albop.com for copies of disciplinary actions.) Click the printer icon to view/print the license detail information. organizations can rely on the verified online licensure verification This verification of licensure is a public service provided by the Board of Dental Examiners of Alabama to assist you in obtaining information about dentists and dental hygienists licensed in Alabama. Individual primary source daily verification of APRNs with MSP approval may be obtained by emailing advancedpractice@abn.alabama.gov. City. Home; Law/Regulations; Licensee Search; Online Renewals; Fees; FAQs; Tips for Consumers; Discipline; Calendar; News; Contact; Licensee Search Search license then select 'Click for License and CEU Details' for report. Lookup Search How Do I? Free Search. LOOK UP . online license verification ( Please click the Print option to view full details about the license record.) Is the information provided through the licensee Alabama Business Licenses Directory About Business Licenses in Alabama The Alabama Secretary of State Business Services Division maintains business records. the data is secure, and updates are reflected daily and may be considered the most current information available. Alabama Contractor License Searches allow the public to look up Contractor Licenses in AL. Results page will appear below the search boxes. You may verify Alabama Advanced Practice Approval status for these nurses using this link. This chapter tells you who may qualify and what you must do to obtain an Alabama driver license.