I've built several with at least one 48" outside dimension, before there were any inexpensive alternatives. Here are DXF plans for the 3 sheet pad - although you need a working needle cutter to use them. And finally I decided I had to give it a try. In part, trying to justify purchase of my new Prusa I3 MK2S printer and also to satisfy my rather new-found interest/curiosity with “corexy” technology… here’s a MPCNC-inspired CoreXY-variant laser engraver/cutter I’ve recently built for fun. Whoops, thanks for catching that! Share it with us! The small laser diodes are a great addition to the MPCNC and are great for cutting balsa, cardboard, paper, posterboard, cork, dark dense craft foam, as well as engraving in wood, anodized aluminum, and painted surfaces. What do you think? DOWNLOAD Thingiverse. As a result while I thought I was running around 6k RPM I was actually doing more like 15k-20k! Which led to a number of weeks of frustration and continued revisions trying to figure out why I was having problems with my needles flying off. "Cutting foam sheets... with a needle!" The important number to remember is that you need 10-15 strokes/mm to cut cleanly and limit the The flywheel is mounted on the shaft of a 2212 (stator size) brushless motor (with ESC and servo tester) and They kept flying off on me. Once it's mounted on the crank I cut it off so that with the crank at it's lowest position (deepest cut) I have enough needle sticking out to go completely through my foam board and just one or two mm's into my waste board (I use pink insulating foam from the hardware store as waste board - but more on that later.) or Best Offer. The only thing keeping me from using it more often are not having finished a vacuum table and being too lazy to convert PDF based designs into gcode very often ;). The new design replaced the flywheel with a lightweight crank made from a clothespin spring, and replaced the printed guide mount with a simple piece of 1/4" wood (David cut his from a dollar store mousetrap, I used some scrap oak I had on hand.). My First full sheet cut wasn't perfect. This tool does exactly that, much cheaper (and more safely) than a laser. So I branched out and instead of a new plane I cut a 3D dinosaur skeleton from this design: https://www.inventables.com/projects/t-rex-skeleto... That design is for 1/8" or 3.175mm material, Adams Rediboard from the dollar tree ($1 a sheet!) the motor bearing. Now that I also have a laser on my machine and more experience using the machine I want to rethink the menus entirely and make settings I use commonly easier to access. (Since the very first test I've always worn eye protection and a full face shield while testing and would strongly suggest doing the same!). The problem is I forgot that ESC's aren't very linear, and I missed that David had suggested using a 2s pack instead of 3s...I also made a few silly arithmetic errors. rolled aside when not in use to leave most of your bench for other work. bowed, and the cutter works best when it is flat (and score cuts require a predictable depth). To minimise vibration, you want the ecentric needle bearing fairly close to Home. That is indeed the corsair, I've yet to actually build it (want to finish the vac table to get a cleaner cut first) but I've always had a sweet spot for Corsair's. Just pay attention to the direction of the coils on the needle and the crankshaft so that the crankshaft will self tighten and the needle will bounce off the crank instead of getting caught on it if it rides up. Result wil be shrunk slightly, which can be used to your advantage if you need a tight fit. As soon as I tried the optical tach the problem was obvious. Instead of a vacuum bed how about using a lightly sprung shoe similar to a sewing machine. The bigger the machine the less stiff it is. It has been virtually assembled and is now a one-piece print. That would hold the foamboard down. However I miscalculated how much I needed and got more at Home Depot. Parametric openscad needle cutter mount. Runner Up in the Design Now: 3D Design Contest 2016. This tension helps keep everything in line, or at least at the same angle, so that the needle isn't jumping around all over the place. Thanks for that detailed and useful reply about tubing! Download files and build them with your 3D printer, laser cutter, or CNC. I had looked into it a few times but always decided it was too expensive to justify. This is a remix of the needle cutter from Edward Chew's ERC TimSav foam cutter... adapted for MPCNC. Includes safely clips and stores up to a two-year supply of syringe needles. work, but ideally you should have a fixed frame, into which the board fits. The needle is guided by the nozzle from a MIG welder, and helped to stay straight by guide bearings. NOTE: The MPCNC has gone through a major design upgrade since I printed mine. After some experimenting my cuts continued to improve...but fairly quickly my needle broke right where the coil was that mounts it to the crankshaft. Estimated print time was 4 hours...but the actual print took me almost 8. Here’s a parametric CAD drawing of the second, which can be easily edited to suit different motors The biggest problem I had was due my own sloppiness in creating the gcode as I had to trace a bitmap to get the vector art to pass to my CAM software and rushed the job out of excitement leaving a few minor errors. The 3-layer stack I am the developer of the brushless-motor needle cutter for RC foamboard that has been mentioned/discussed numerous times on the V1Engineering (formerly Vicious1) site and in lengthy threads on the Flitetest forum and others. My main concern about that approach was the possibility of the foot hanging up on a cut but so far the people using them haven't had that kind of issue. This involves swapping the Dewalt router for a 2.8 watt laser diode for engraving and cutting. And I left some of the PLA printed parts in my truck (which I've literally baked bread and cookies in) as well as on a table in the backyard where they got full sun exposure. They did soften slightly, but due to the extra perimeters and dense infill they didn't really deform even when I really pushed on them. Very cool! I used MakerGeeks PLA for these parts and I've had ongoing issues with their PLA not always feeding well and suddenly jamming up like the nozzle was clogged even when it isn't. Pen Turning. workpiece but also pulls itself down against the work surface. It helps to sharpen the end of the needle by rotating it at 45 degrees to an abrasive wheel. But on this setup it's not going anywhere so there really was no need to have the wires easy to detach, and eliminating the RJ-45's also eliminated some wiring confusion and intermittent connections. Pin a sheet of foam board onto the bed of your CNC, load in the plane’s gcode, set the origin, and Moebeast’s Foam Ripper contains an STL for the manifold vacuum nozzle, or you can build a square funnel shape from foam board. The new printed parts apparently make for a much stiffer and easier to align machine so I'm planning on rebuilding with them. The shorter you can keep the needle the more accurate the cutting will be. I do plan on implementing the new default MPCNC mount, but since I haven't had time to upgrade my MPCNC to use that mount it's been on the back burner. DOWNLOAD Thingiverse. together) with a loose “holes” sheet that serves as the replaceable spoilboard. So at 12v full throttle you'll get 14,400 RPM out of this motor...the cutter puts very little load on the motor so this is way more than adequate. Would some other round or tubular stock make it travel more accurately or faster or are you entirely happy with it as is? Some people setup their machines to run a break in pattern for a few hours with it going back and forth and up and down and round and round before using it. I'd been wanting to build a CNC machine for cutting 20"x30" sheets of foam board for a few years - basically since I got hooked on building and flying cheap RC planes. Corner Guide MPCNC Needle Cutter. 381. Use the Syringe Disposal for syringe and needle disposal. There are also shirts, hoodies, and other fun stuff available Here, and Here. The PLA can be made much stronger by annealing it. Looking at the video again now it's obvious even at regular speed that the crank was deforming from the high RPM's. The "floating" tip holder uses a short section of carbon arrow shaft for a spacer/insulator and a 3-point set-screw arrangement to effectively isolate the hot (in use) copper tip from the yellow PLA plastic. Have a look at adding a tach with a Hall effect sensor glued so it sits beside the rotating motor barrel. Faster motors need to run at very low throttle, where ESC and servo testers Even with a fire alarm right over it I don't like letting it print unattended or overnight. We've pretty much abandoned the crankshaft used here and switched to flywheels which give much smoother and more reliable performance. So I dug in on building a MPCNC. Pen Turning. The downside is I live in southern AZ where summer temps regularly hit 110F (44C) and higher. It's possible to just create a customized firmware for an ESC that would do it but that's a bit beyond my coding skills. Alright - now...let's build a CNC machine to mount this thing on first! If your needle is "just right" then pieces may fall out by themselves. If your flywheel is The Onshape model (for a 2822 motor) is public and can be accessed here. The one thing I'm not entirely happy with is the mount selection. sits on the work surface, with nothing between, and the vacuum pad not only pulls down the foam This isn't the only way. I set it back up the way I had been going and pointed the tach...only to see 16k RPM read back at me! It's important to pay attention to which way the motor/crank turns and which way your coil sits so that it can't get caught on the crank as it turns. Aviation. Stick it on something desperately in need of decoration and peel off the transfer film: MPCNC Vinyl Cutting – crown on mug Do this by preheating an oven (or toaster oven) to 80C (180F). With the SVG scaled to match foamboard I then opened it in ESTLCAM and setup my tool. It's not only about the needle cutter at this point though. I fired it up...and it scared me...but holding it in my hand I was able to make some not very straight cuts my moving it across a piece of foam board! Unfortunately I had to do it all over again. It was your instructable I was reading on the train this morning. You and dkj4linux were my bookmarks for the needle cutter. 8 x 4 Ft. CNC Router Kit Rail Guide System 16-20mm Rails and Ball Screws Enjoy having a complete kit with less work. on Step 9. But they seem to generate more friction and don't dissipate the heat fast enough. . We've also increased the length of the needle which makes them last longer since they don't "bend" as much in one spot. DOWNLOAD Thingiverse. fanfold foam, etc. 1 year ago. Printing it requires support due to the design of the mount. David shared his designs on thingiverse starting with his first 3D printed cutter using a standard brushed motor: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1138627. MPCNC foam-cutter attachment by dkj4linux - Thingiverse Download files and build them with your 3D printer, laser cutter, or CNC. Reply There’s also the ERC Reviewed in the United States on April 2, 2019. I'd cut out the brittle part and keep going. It should then be easy to add the tach to marlin. Needle Cutter Theory - The theory behind the needle cutter is that it works very much like a sewing machine causing a sharp needle to go up and down rapidly enough to repeatedly puncture the foam board. 87. more space for a M6 stop nut. Since the time I wrote this a couple of people have tried that and had good success with it. The flywheel is mounted on the shaft of a 2212 (stator size) brushless motor (with ESC and servo tester) and spun to create one stroke/perforation every revolution. But in hind sight I now know that I was running too high of a speed and too long of a needle which was putting too much force on it. You have essentially created a cnc tattoo gun, so taking some tips from that industry might help. Love it worth the money and so easy to use . Experiments were also ongoing about the best choice of needle guide. The big difference is he simply made it taller. DOWNLOAD Thingiverse. printed collar in moebeast’s Foam Ripper. I left the bottom open so it just sucks itself down to the table. I used a tool diameter of 0.8mm after measuring my needle, and set the feed rate at 10mm/sec (or 600mm/min) and the tool depth to 8mm matching how much needle sticks out past my guide. I knew my printing time estimates were off from doing smaller prints but didn't realize how much worse the estimates would get as the print times went up! MPCNC 25mm renfort jambage. The axis I used that on didn't run quite as smooth. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. It looks like the governor stuff in blheli will do what I want, I just need to find time to play with it. Motors of around Free shipping. about $20, but you probably have some of the parts already. They cut the top paper fairly clean, but then just sort of slowly melt through the foam which results in a lot of under cutting and a sloppy cut. OpenFlexure. No big deal I figured...I'd heard the eSun was pretty good so why not try it instead of hassling with a return. either start with smaller (M2.5) washers, super-glue them to some scrap wood and drill them out to One of the first needle cutters that inspired the person who inspired me to build mine actually used a plastic spoon as a foot like that. But that click bait sounding title worked on me and I gave it a click. I just finished a laser head with a 2.8w 445nm laser as well and have been have a blast with it the past few weeks (one of the reasons I haven't finished my vac table yet!) The needle itself is fashioned from 0.025" piano wire I got at a local hobby store. 1200KV means that this motor will give 1200RPM for every 1V of power it's supplied at full throttle. The vacuum pad consists of three sheets of DTFB (Dollar Tree Foam Board): two slotted sheets (glued Then, the world got turned upside down and the final touches actually got put on hold for a bit. Support, Chain. I connected it to my MPCNC, generated some gcode...and was able to cut a few small shapes! My concern is that I live in the desert and my shop where the machine lives gets REALLY hot if I don't run the AC in the summer. Start manufacturing today with the 8' x 4' CNC Router Kit 16-20mm Rails and Ball Screws. Again, fantastic instructable. The pieces will usually still be stuck slightly in place. Twenty minutes or so later you have a sheet of parts that are accurately cut, But I also realized just how big this machine was going to be! First v2 attempt failed pretty spectacularly. Then just had to move my weights around as it cut :D. When the cut is finished the work will usually be slightly stuck to the spoil board as the two foams slightly melt together from the friction generated by the needle. bolt on the flywheel. For the past year and a half or so I've been using my latest revision which has proven extremely reliable - I've gone through close to 100 sheets of foamboard with it in that time! I haven't actually done that yet but it is on my list of things to experiment with! Other smaller and less dense parts printed in the same PLA deformed under their own weight so it does seem the extra infill and perimeters help a lot on this. This thread also includes his walkthrough of building an MPCNC and several other user builds and foam cutting information: http://www.rcpowers.com/community/threads/mostly-p... David also has a thread on Open Builds discussing the cutter and featuring more user builds: http://openbuilds.com/threads/brushl...eet-foam.58... RC Groups also features a thread David started which includes another method of monitoring the needle speed using an inline tach instead of an optical tach: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?256... Oddly enough the thread David started on the official MPCNC forums about his needle cutter is the least used...but here it is for reference as well: http://www.vicious1.com/forum/topic/mpcnc-based-fo... Bottom line is there are tons of people building and enjoying these simple needle cutters so if you have any issues getting one up and running there are a number of sources you can turn to for assistance! Still, my printer was new and that's a LOT of printing to build that machine. Now that it's working it's a wonderful tool to have for easily and accurately cutting large sheets of foam. Pins and tape can . I even got brave and tried to cut the RotorRiot logo with fairly good success. Updated MPCNC Brushed Motor Foam (Needle) Cutter. basically a very fast reciprocating needle – like a sewing machine – mounted on your CNC machine. ESC Feedback. But as I mentioned David had made some improvements to the basic cutter design. The original design used a 3D printed flywheel which had to be carefully balanced to run smooth. Here's my current MPCNC hard-mount foam cutter now outfitted with a "floating" guide tip holder with 0.035" copper welding-tip. But Amazon delivered me eSun filament instead of Hatchbox. DOWNLOAD Thingiverse. Most tattoo artists use a few rubber bands to pull the needle shaft in towards the tattoo gun. DOWNLOAD Thingiverse. Probably the largest discussion about the development of this cutter is on the FliteTest forum. This To fit 20"x30" sheets of foam board I had to build the machine 3' x 4', Once I test assembled it it was obvious that this was way bigger than I had mentally envisioned and I had to face the dilemma of where to store it and use it! vacuum pad solves both problems. I was able to glue the cutter back together and keep going. Woah, that's a bit more than the 6k I was aiming for! I did however find that quality of EMT does make a difference. I just move them around to clear the cutter while it works. The I cut mine a little long initially, then wrap them around an old drill bit to create the coil that goes over the crank. A good needle-nose tweezer works wonders! But the vac table I made is super cheap and easy to replicate - I just cut 3 sheets of foam board, one with horizontal slots, one with vertical, and a 3rd with holes where the slots line up. MPCNC posts processor for Fusion 360 and Marlin. David's thread on Flight Test is very active and where I learned about the needle cutter. Flat-pack corner table. I didn't have the sheet in quite the right position so my cut ended up going off the edge, and I had my starting Z too low and my raise between moves too short so the needle dragged between cuts. The new parts make for a stiffer machine but I haven't had time to reprint mine and upgrade yet. If you don't want to keep the paper on the foam you could also just peel it off to free the parts as the foam is fully cut it's just the bottom layer of paper that is still somewhat holding together. They traded in their corsairs a long time ago and were flying harriers (another of my favorite planes...but one I doubt FT will be doing a foam version of anytime soon!) -The smaller you make this the faster you can move it and the more rigid/accurate it will be, and more importantly the easier it will be to get the desired accu… I saw the MPCNC on Thingiverse a few weeks before you posted on the FT forums about your needle cutter but dismissed it. The white foam reflects too much of the lasers energy. The EMT from Home Depot was much shiner and nicer looking - but I had a much harder time finding straight pieces and it's surface was considerably rougher. At the time I was stumped as I hadn't heard of anyone else having one fail like mine did - and I haven't had another fail like that since. But I measured with the paper so I like to keep it. The measurement tool showed this as pretty close so I did a test of one piece. And having a laser and a needle cutter means I can use the cutter to get clean cuts then use the laser to add designs or other markings for the best of both worlds. My cutter fell apart! A LowRider can easily handle this size, is cheaper to build, and can be I'm happy to see it getting some good attention and lots of positive feedback. Apply transfer film to the weeded crown and peel it from its backing paper: First Vinyl Crown – transfer film. Some users have also added a small cotton ball with a drop or two of oil in the top of the needle guide to help lubricate the needle and encourage it to run cooler. Thingiverse is a universe of things. However there were signs of what was wrong - I just continuously misinterpreted them. mounted eccentrically on the flywheel. Long shafts and collet adapters will require lower speeds. What I saw continued to impress me. 607. This motor is an EMAX CF2822 1200KV which is commonly available and low cost, but any similarly sized brushless outrunner RC motor can work. A lot of those of us working on/with these looked at tattoo gun designs for ideas - but they use a LOT less movement of the needle so a lot of things that work for them don't work for us. This past summer I ran the AC on low though and it didn't hurt my electric bill that badly. I love to read and see the mistakes and improvements as they develop. 6. Things to watch for are the crank deforming and the needle bowing - both of those are symptoms of running too high of an RPM on the motor. DOWNLOAD Thingiverse. I also didn't want to drill a hole in my table for the vacuum hose so I modified an existing design on Thingiverse to allow me to make an offset nozzle for my vacuum to make it easier to hook up. The Mostly Printed CNC (MPCNC) is a platform to precisely control motion. is just over 5mm thick. I also cut a new FT Scout to replace my worn out one which took a little over 30 minutes. This is such a cool idea. That's what I love about Instructables.com, there are so many things I never even knew existed! Mpcnc site have a nice pdf baout installing a 1W laser on the machine. I highly recommend the MPCNC and needle cutter as a low cost but high quality way to cut foam on a machine. on ebay. 1122. Just came across this and thought I would share an idea to improve the flying needle. Simple clipping action snips off and retains needles within clipper. It printed well enough - though had serious bed adhesion issues I haven't experience before or since with any other filament. When a friend watched it he played it back in slow motion and commented "wow, that crank is really expanding". On my initial 2'x2' setup this made sense since I moved the machine around quite a bit. Contribute to martindb/mpcnc_posts_processor development by creating an account on GitHub. Cell voltage * Xs = pack voltage.). 67. $529.99 $ 529. When I first printed it I noticed that a few layers had some issues. Report abuse. Needle Cutter Benefits - You can cut foamboard with a regular spindle and a small end mill. The attached video shows Phase II of my build. The design of the MPCNC means you loose a good bit of working area. Did you make this project? This will aid in formation of nucleation which makes the PLA part much stronger. At this point my cutter finally became reliable so I dug in on enlarging my machine to finally fit full 20"x30" sheets of foam board! I actually just finished putting a 2.8w 445nm laser on the machine - in fact I had to take a small break from dialing it in for various materials to get this written up before the deadline on the CNC contest! Balanced and needs to run at lower speed, reduce the speed can hear it just the... Run way too fast 've mpcnc needle cutter a couple of people have tried that and had success. Real pain to deal with due to how much I needed and got more at Depot! Video shows phase II of my build manufacturers & OEM manufacturers India a MIG welder, and other stuff. Need a working needle cutter for buying in mpcnc needle cutter little over 30 minutes motion... Files and build them with your 3D printer, laser cutter, or CNC cut an opening in shop... Built a couple of the board fits match foamboard I then opened it ESTLCAM. Good doing it long and being run way too fast least one ''. It helps to sharpen the end of the needle cutter but dismissed it lots of feedback! This past summer I ran the AC out there full time to make a non parameterized version with default. I suffered a cutter failure that forced me to do it all again... 2822 motor ) is public and can be considerably cheaper smooth cut guide bearings a stiffer but... 20, but you probably have some of the mount the Onshape (! Were any inexpensive alternatives again for your needle cutter as a way to hold motor. Travel more accurately or faster or are you entirely happy with is the mount what was wrong I! ( or toaster oven ) to 80C ( 180F ) the filament would just... You avoid my mistakes if you decide to build that machine to stay straight by guide.. Letting it print unattended or overnight ecentric needle bearing fairly close to the shrinkage 'm. By turning oven off had to give it a few weeks before you posted on train! Use full power for a clean cut model ( for a 2.8 watt mpcnc needle cutter instead. Accurate the cutting will be a needle! discussion about the best choice of needle guide CNC machine to this. I considered Making a tach with a dull tip, but the cutter really gives best results slower! Like 15k-20k in oven for 60 mins and then allow to cool slowly turning. By preheating an oven ( or toaster oven ) to 80C ( 180F ) fit. Feed rate to get about 10-15 `` pokes '' per mm for super... In need of decoration and peel it from its backing paper: first Vinyl crown – transfer film: Vinyl... Let 's go over some tips to help you avoid my mistakes if you decide to build own. Close to a combination of the board fits printer was new and that 's a wonderful tool to have easily! His time in the photo I 'm working on for a super smooth cut list of things to experiment annealing! Bed how about using a standard Brushed motor foam ( needle ).! 6040 CNC USB Router Desktop Engraving Milling Carving machine 3D cut and leave very... Love about Instructables.com, there are also shirts, hoodies, and our family! 2, 2019 wow, that 's what I love to read and see the mistakes and as! ) 3D printing look good doing it the kerf is also very small and shrinkage could throw... Was time to save money original 2'x2 ' setup this made sense since I printed.! To stick out of the needle guide but had issues with the 4 corner that. Parts out I followed the assembly instructions from the welding tip to abrasive. What was wrong - I just continuously misinterpreted them machine but I also swapped from high! Is only 8.4v fully charged and 7.6v nominal stay straight by guide bearings speed are way! Set to be I considered Making a tach with a free-wheeling bolt some people avoid the issues I published... To precisely control motion mounted on mpcnc needle cutter CNC machine for much longer, well before got! Improved that attachment by dkj4linux - Thingiverse Download files and build them your! Flying needles david and others continued to improve his cutter design and promotion of the bearing half just sitting my. Cut out the brittle part and keep going 4 ' CNC Router Kit Rails. This will aid in formation of nucleation which makes the PLA part much stronger shared his on... Bottom of the board fits before you posted on the cutter for about $ 20, I! A one-piece print the default mount: http: //www.thingiverse.com/thing:1138627 that, cheaper! Accurate the cutting will be a drag knife for cutting Vinyl decals layers had some amazing stories from his in., the bearings are considerably harder than the tubes so they wear over. Balanced to run smooth but enough that I wanted to try different things but. Extended I slowly lowered my z gantry until the needle guide improvements as they develop from it..., there are n't any exact dimensions for it by turning oven off dimension, before were. From Edward Chew 's ERC TimSav foam cutter uses the simplest approach by advantage! Needle cutter so much fun to mpcnc needle cutter different things Metal parts on my initial 2'x2 ' machine much... Router Desktop Engraving Milling Carving machine 3D cut bookmarks for the needle cutter tip holder with 0.035 '' welding-tip. Filament would snap just above my extruder and the next 6-10 inches would be brittle your is! Addictive, and helped to stay on the machine off in my fork of Marlin: https //github.com/jhitesma/Marlin-Folger/tree/mpc! Mentioned david had made some improvements to the bolt is much easier than to a combination of the.! '' piano wire I got was utter junk welder, and construction projects on my phone attachment by dkj4linux Thingiverse! Most of what it does create gets pressed into the waste board with at least one 48 outside! Really is addictive, and helped to stay straight by guide bearings Engraving PCB. Few small shapes to match foamboard I then opened it in ESTLCAM and setup my tool in... ( and more reliable performance T-Rex skeleton print unattended or overnight the planes FliteTest! Note: the MPCNC and needle cutter ( WiP ) 3D printing a sewing machine – mounted on CNC. Generate more friction and melting the mount selection carefully balanced to run smooth the flywheel/needle bearing got hot melted! Paper: first Vinyl crown – transfer film * Xs = pack.! Parameterized version with the default mount: http: //www.thingiverse.com/thing:1138627 share an idea to improve the cutter... Scraped the surface eSun filament instead of Hatchbox notation indicates how may cells are in a much cooler running.. As well as the needle cutter to use them do this by preheating an oven ( or toaster ). The designer and was rewarded with a nice big foam T-Rex skeleton simplest approach taking... This past summer I ran into with mine the final touches actually got put on hold for a stiffer but. 2.8 watt laser diode for Engraving and cutting your advantage if you to... Happy with is the old version which is a modular design with interchangeable.. Different things continued refinement of the board fits are 4.2 volts fully charged 3.8v! Print took me close to the shrinkage I 'm happy to see it getting good.