This is the same bumper @tacodust on Instagram helped C4 promote and prototype  Please allow up to 12 weeks production time **Please Note: This item will ship to a freight location near you or a specified business location. I'm wanting to go with Diode Dynamics light as they are cheaper and I feel the out put is better then the Baja Design lights. We currently dont have any pics of the Tacoma Lo-Pro front bumper with the winch installed, but here is a pic of our 4runner Lo-Pro with winch installed. “C4 Fab” will no longer be cut into the lower portion of the bumper as some of the photos show. @C4 Fabrication Guys I really want to purchase the hybrid bumper but I finally found someone with it who has a TRD skid plate installed and it looks like the skid overlaps the bumper. Up to 4 Baja Designs Squadron lights and two Baja Designs S2 lights can be mounted in the bumper as well as a 30″ single row light bar. Your C4 Tacoma Overland Series Front Bumper will be crafted from 3/16” laser cut P&O steel with ¼” thick mounting plates. Tools needed:-14mm wrench/socket-3/4" wrench/socket-Flat blade screwdriver These brackets install after your aftermarket bumper has already been set in place on the vehicle. Cutouts in front of bumper allow winch lever access. If you have any questions, please reach out to View product. C4 Tacoma Overland Rear Bumper 2005-2015 **This is available to order when out of stock. 11850 Quaal Rd, Ste 1. Any plans to do that with the tundra? C4 Fabrication Hybrid Front Bumper 3rd Gen Tacoma (2016+) $ 1,070.00 If you are looking to add a steel front bumper to your 3rd Generation Tacoma, while keeping part of the front bumper look, this is the bumper option for you. CBI Off Road Fab - Tacoma Covert Series Front Bumper (2016-2021) CBI Off Road Fab - Tacoma Covert Series Front Bumper (2016-2021) Vendor CBI Off Road Fab Regular price $799.99 Sale price $799.99 Sale. If you have any questions, please reach out to DeMello 1st Gen Tacoma Hybrid Rock Sliders (1995.5-2004) from 649.00. My first video had music copyright material so I am downloading this again. Following up the front bumper with the rear one! DeMello 1st Gen Tacoma Round Rock Sliders (1995.5-2004) from 699.00. They also offer a full bull bar style bumper. C4 Fabrications Low Profile Bumper Question. jemnoriega, Nov 12, 2019 #110. asmall23, AzureNightmare and (deleted member) like this. C4 Overland Series High Clearance Rear Bumper - 2016-2020 Toyota Tacoma. Get yourself an American made C4 Fab Lo-Pro Winch Front Bumper to ensure that you can take on anything both on … Im probably going to order one today since they have a long lead time but I was curious if its worth it or not to get the hoop. Just installed my new C4 Hybrid Bumper. JMcFly [OP] Well-Known Member. One of our favorite bumpers for the 3rd Gen Tacoma. Bumper is not guaranteed to fit different brand/sizes of single row LED lights. C4 Tacoma Overland Series Front Bumper 2005-2015 . Direct bolt … Thanks in advance for any info Edsel Damie Street, Jun 2, 2020 #163. Can be ordered with or without LED light bar cutouts, designed for Baja Designs S8 Light Bar. $1,819.99 + **This is available to order when out of stock. C4 Fabrication creates several tacoma bumpers including a new low-pro version that can be added to your existing Toyota Tacoma bumper. These brackets are compatible with C4 FAB front bumpers for the 3rd gen Tacoma. Please expect 13 plus week lead time before your product ships once you place your order through our website.